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  1. Anyone getting this when they use their credit to 'Place Order'? An error occurred processing your order. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please contact us.
  2. I loved this game while recognising the problems and flaws. But it had so many cool ideas and features, has a game ever had a better C&C system? The safe houses were brilliant too. A shame this IP didn't succeed as it has so much potential. Spiritual sequel please!
  3. I'm from Manchester in the cold north of England... and love it here! (have traveled a lot and lived in Australia as a kid/teen but this old industrial city is still where my heart is)
  4. If it counts, as it is somewhat multi-genre, then Deus Ex (original)! No other game has stuck with me as much as that besides FFVII which was also great. I love all the IE games and cherish them but for some reason the small details don't stay with me like they do for Deus Ex and FFVII... possibly because there is far more content. God, what an era the latter 90s to very early 2000s was for RPGs and gaming in general.
  5. 8 should be enough and I hope they are optional (or at least any that don't join you from the opening stage of the game). I didn't like having companions forced on me in NWN2 and especially forced into quests all of a sudden when I hadn't bothered upgrading their equipment so I'd have an underequipped party member and not enough gold to bring him up to date.
  6. How about a Cthulhu-esque creature instead of a dragon? Could even battle it at sea. Cthulhu is the most terrifying monster in mythology and I'm sure I read somewhere they want to give PE a Lovecraft-esque feel.
  7. Hope this isn't too unpopular but I have found romance in RPGs to be utterly boring and pointless. Everything from the cheesy dialogue to the awkwardly censored sex scenes has been tripe. A tragic love story would be different as one of the main themes but I doubt the plot will be built around that. Please no fan service stuff though, Dragon Age and Mass Effect just went OTT. If there is romance I think it should be limited to very few options so that you don't have every person flirting with you or making subtle hints all the time.
  8. As an avid player of point 'n' click adventure games, I advise against making puzzles too hard as they can infuriate you for hours unless you consult a walkthrough (which many refuse to do as they feel it cheapens the experience). Most adventure games have now introduced a "skip" option after a couple of minutes that wouldn't work in RPGs. The suggestion of skill-based ways to avoid solving the puzzle is good. Some people just aren't good with logic puzzles, even smart people.
  9. The ability to talk your way through the final "battle" using your accumulated diplomacy/intimidation/etc. skills... or at least weaken the enemy considerably by making him lower his guard or something. A reward for the talkers. I remember in Deus Ex: HR (a quality game besides the boss fights which were apparently outsourced) putting all my points into stealth and dialogue, then being thrown into a brutal boss fight that really needed high combat points to get through without a struggle... there was just no room for stealth or dialogue in it.
  10. Since it's a completely original world, it would be interesting if they made a race of tiny people who lived down there and had their own colony... it would also give an excuse to have somewhere the player could breathe, re-group, and possibly even buy new stock part way through.
  11. How about starting the game at a hidden Jedi academy run by Revan. Either light side or dark side (maybe you can choose). You play one of the padawans and go through a test to start the game. If you pass it (which is compulsory or game over) then Revan chooses you to carry out his/her deeds. After this, you go on whatever "find four <insert objects or people here>" quest they plan to fill the game, and then later on, depending on your alignment and others things, you can choose to go back and fight Revan or remain his servant and fight whichever "big boss" he has you kill (so you get to choose between fighting Revan and another big boss, which will make people want to re-play the game). As for Exile, maybe they should do the storyline that he went to Revan but was beaten by him. Face it, Exile isn't as interesting, and to have Revan destroy this super-powerful character your ended KOTOR2 with would increase his aura of invincibility. If not though, maybe he could be that "other" big boss I was talking about. Revan vs. Exile and you are the star pupil, destined to kill one or the other.
  12. Was the save -> random reboot/crash bug (on certain systems) fixed? That was my main problem with the game, it happened quite a lot, and at one point corrupted a save, losing an hour's worth of progress.
  13. My main problem in the game was a save crash. When I'd save a game my computer would reboot at random. Was this issue patched?
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