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I DO want to play inventory Tetris

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Here's my pitch:

Your characters each have a personal inventory that is limited to what they can wear, equipped weapons and armor mostly, but also small bags around the belt for ammo and potions perhaps (of which you could buy improved versions as the game progressed). and a backpack that can hold maybe an extra weapon or bit of armor. (or actual adventuring gear, like ropes and lanterns, if such things are going to actually be in the game)


You would then have the option to hire a squire/servant who would, amoung things (could be a companion in his own right, give bonuses, conversation and what-not) spend the time you spend actually adventuring to haul stuff back to cart or the horses (if you've purchased the same). The inventroy in the cart would be tetrisized, but the personalized inventroy would just be slot based.

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i like the encumbrance factor (as in arcanum). none/light/medorate/heavy. but it shouldn't be an overkill. have only one unit for it (weight). not together with volume.

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Personally, I adored the inventory system in NWN. I liked arranging item shapes. I'd usually find room for what I needed to place in it. Also, gem bags and potion cases made the sorting system work well. I agree with the OP. Not only does a constrained inventory system make for fun gaming, it also permits greater immersion -- at least for me (and obviously for others too).

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Inventory similar to Ultima VII would be a plus. I'd just want one change to that model and that is different types of obtainable inventory bags, with multiple pouches to keep things organized.

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Inventory tetris is OK.

But please dont limit ammuntions, potions, scrolls with a stack number.


Edit: and maybe special some containers, like scroll case, equipment box, gem bag. And also some dimensional bags of holding :)

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Better this than a consolized list inventory.

how is it consolized? windows, A PC operating system, has list view for its folders


just make both, icons and lists, so people can use whatever they prefer


The list inventory was implemented in RPGs to make inventories easier to sort through on consoles. This is a PC only game so doesn't have think of their needs.


I loathe the the list inventories of DA, ME and Skyrim, I would prefer not to see them here.

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The classic ie system was the worst. You'd never loot "unstackable" rings or necklaces,

because they take the same slot as everything but aren't worth much.


NWN tetris is much better, with big heavy items taking more space, and you actually seeing what's what.


But the later party inventory is the best one.

I don't want to spend time managing the inventory, I'd rather do something else. Like manage the stuff the party is wearing.

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Sign me up for Inventory Tetris.


System Shock 2.

Deus Ex.


Neverwinter Nights.


There is no shortage of amazing games with inventory tetris.


Unified party inventories or list-based inventories are the devil's work.

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