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  1. No, I mean if you had actually listened to the video and read the original information on the fig page you would have known. I wouldn't call that "women's logic" just plain old logic. Also sexist much? Seriously, you are being too emotional and reactionary. Just cancel your backing and leave the forum if it is critical for you. If you change your mind later you can always just buy the game at normal retail. Also they have already said it will be possible to add a sixth character with mods. Please give me the exact link from the campaign, where I can read it. True, I have not read all the updates.
  2. Classy. Here's a tip for the future: don't jump into a crowdfunding project at the start, particularly if you're not going to be able to keep an eye on it's progress throughout. Wait till towards the end before backing (it's what I'm doing with Deadfire). Save your arrogant tips. I followed all the big campaigns on kickstarter, from the first to the last day. Life changes and then you hardly have time. Three years have passed?
  3. I understand you are upset but they were totally upfront about 5 party members, it is right there in the original fig promotion. I am really really confused how people think having one less character is all that impactful? My 6th person in Eternity 1 was just a gun mook who simply sat back and passively shot someone every once in awhile, because I literally didn't need them for anything else. Oh, you mean, how Zahua missed in the main game? Although with him in the kickstarter campaign was advertised? And it is only available from White March? An addon that came later? http://www.pcgames.de/screenshots/original/2014/08/2431951-pillars-pc-games.jpg And this kickstarter artwork shows only five characters. How to close this change? Women's logic? Because the screenshots are analyzed by feelings?
  4. The other thread on this topic "Poll on preferred party size" was started on the 29th of January, less than a week after the Fig campaign began. I knew of the decision to reduce party size from 6 to 5 before that thread was started. From this I can conclude that the information was out there and hardly hard to find. I quote myself: Not everyone hanging around here in the forum, like an unemployed.
  5. Where do you read on the start page of the campaign that the group will only consist of 5 Members?
  6. What's exile? What's concealed? What on Earth are you talking about? Did you play a different PoE by accident? A month before the release, players find out that the Italian translation has been deleted. And companions removed. And other things are not in the game. But hey, then there was a message from Exile. As if you could not tell before the game is released. In the Torment campaign, the question arose about what a combat system should have the game. It was clear from the outset that it will be rounded. But if it had been communicated before, there would have been less money.
  7. The irony is that I'm Backer 1162. I donated at the beginning immediately and then not informed me further. Because I have a lot of work to do. Due to too much work. And if I had not looked at the campaign yesterday, I would have bought the cat in a sack now And I think I'm not the only one who would later experience a nasty surprise. And that is bitter. I would not have expected that from Obsidian.
  8. Whitout 6 Groupmember, without me. The same pigs like in Exile. At the beginning still advertised it will be like IE. After the money was there and the artificial hype around the first part, you now make your own thing. I was an idiot, who gave them more than $ 250! I read it only yesterday: http://jesawyer.tumblr.com/post/156419783766/hallo-josh-es-wird-gemunkelt-das-f%C3%BCr-deadfire As in Exile, no clear and direct communication. No information on the Mainpage of the fig campaign side. This deliberate concealment.
  9. Whitout 6 Groupmember, without me. The same pigs like in Exile. At the beginning still advertised it will be like IE. After the money was there and the artificial hype around the first part, you now make your own thing. I was an idiot, who gave them more than $ 250! I read it only yesterday: http://jesawyer.tumblr.com/post/156419783766/hallo-josh-es-wird-gemunkelt-das-f%C3%BCr-deadfire As in Exile, no clear and direct communication. No information on the Mainpage of the fig campaign side. This deliberate concealment.
  10. I does feel like it often but I was told someone for dev team or QA team goes through here and writes down all proper feedback and suggestions. I just don't know if that is true and how much of it do they really write down. Most importantly, we don't know how much they value beta player feedback.Is it more used to evaluate their own ideas or do they actually think about how to incorporate our ideas and wants before rejecting them. I would not have believed it, you're right.Desired so, Thought not. I've seen Sawyer commented here in Backer forum. I wish such a thing to me often. They comment on ideas, whether it is a good idea, whether it is planned for the game, whether it is adopted into the game, maybe it is assumed for the next game. I would also like that they would share their visions with us here, so I mean as a comment to an existing thread. I mean, they why the HUD looks just tell us, or why the mechanics of how it works. Perhaps we will then understand better where the journeys should go. Maybe people can contribute their own ideas then on the basis of knowledge, which then make the vision even better.Maybe people can identify errors in thinking. I mean, if you do something long can you get tunnel vision. I think there are different perspectives gathered on the game. To open a thread and make the effort, without anyone comment it, from the official site, it is a waste of time in my eyes. I just want more discussions with the developers, why, why something is done. And it had also allowed to comment and contribute their own ideas. Brainstorming, mutual interaction.
  11. I want an IE clone, which mend the mistakes of the engine at that time. No interpretation, no wannabe game, only because there is no 6 group members, not to the current adjusted garbage (Dragon Age Inquisition) I just want a successor for the IE games, just under a different name. Because they do not have the rights to do so. Is it so difficult to adhere the standards of the time and only improve from here? I do not need haphazard experiments, in a game where the budget is far too low. And the developers are from the team of Icewind Dale 2, what is the weakest part. They should be out of the box. And I also criticize that the developers do not have to look in the forum Backer. Or am I blind? I've never read a comment on ideas here. Is it then our offical Troll meadow?
  12. Stop posting porn! It needs revision symbols and their size. But this is my favorite. I think a super great game had it that way, but I'm not in the name of the game.
  13. Oh, that you mean. These Asian Style? Everything explodes and is overloaded with effects? I do not need. Only the high level spell, it would underline in their effects. I thought we already could. o_O Yes exactly. Maybe in a parallel universe. Where EA for each own franchise brings out a very good game. Thanks for the detailed explanation. I hope they remove the portrait in the inventory on the left side. And use the space for something useful. We have the small pictures on the right side.
  14. You mean ?Oh yes, this is very important! I hope the old come in or something better. Say that to Mr. T : Thanks for the tip! I did not know that. When I press on scouting button, then all characters sneak with me. Is that a bug? Is there an option, when you click on the character's icons that you go automatically to the character? I know the system with the double click on the character portraits. But I think that would give the little icons more sense.
  15. Hello! Unfortunately I have no time to read the forum. Maybe my wishes have been expressed, or will be changed soon, if so, sorry for this post. Most issues of mine are about the optics that break the immersion. Please change the textures for the doors, is ugly. Also, please add animations for opening and closing the doors when you enter them. The Characters are standing too far apart. This can be a problem on a bridge or narrow paths. Opponents can slip through these gaps and attack the mage. I personally do not like the yellow icon when you click somewhere with the characters. The colour and pattern look out of place. I would replace the magnifying glass with the golden question mark of the infinity engine games. The magnifying glass reminds me of some sort of adventure game. Please replace the icon for lockpicking with the old symbol or a higher resolution. It doesn’t fit the art style of the other icons. I would like to be able to leave the place from any point at a levelborder and not only at a handful of locations. Please also return to the gearwheel again, or revise the compass icon. I am very pleased with the information texts for items in the game, but I would also like to see sketches of them. Why do the amulets and capes share a slot? This should be changed. Also, more information about “classes” would be great, like which attribute has exactly what specialization in the class. And I also want to roughly know which kind of skills I can unlock. Not like now, where you don’t really know what you’ll get. For example, I would really like to know which attributes I need to skill to get a tank. Or which attributes I need to skill for two handed fighting. And not only skilling damage/health. The same problem in the skills. I do not know what I get, if I put my points in Lore for example. A rough preview or note function would be great. In addition to all these things the Hud needs to be redesigned. It seems that you tried to copy the Hud of Icewind Dale 2, but badly. Bind the skills bar directly over the static portraits. Or place the portraits perpendicular to each other and the bar next to it. Then you can also take advantage of the space and sort the spells by class directly. Right now it’s annoying with the constant moving skills for each character
  16. Hello, I find the song meaningless and Frameless. I see no clear structure and in my imagination I can not imagine this environment. Or is it a test recording of different styles? Good examples are: Sunlight in forest: Sleepy little place: Snow-covered home village: From Travel to yourself: Moonlit Night on the Lake: Landscapes in the Mist: For more songs I would unfortunately be home. As I understand, but you do not want to pursue the previous style? This could be interesting, but just too risky.
  17. About the games: Icewind Dale Baldur's Gate Planescape: Torment Fallout Neverwinter Nights Knights of the Old Republic Lionheart Legacy of the Crusader
  18. What about the inventory of Neverwinter Nights 1? I think it is the best compromise. The Deus Ex Human Revolution Inventory is simply too bulky.
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