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Movies you've seen recently

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Trailers have to be exciting and action-heavy/short-lived to impress the masses. Thorough people on the other side do a 5 min research on the film/creators and should pretty much have an idea what to expect.

Oerwinde apparently failed on the last part and is now mad at me.

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Its just personal preference. To enjoy a movie I need a plot, which it lacked.. The only thing that kept me going was the mystery of who One Eye was, which was alluded to in the synopsis and the trailer, but never touched on in the film. Trailer used words to describe one eye, Slave, Warrior, God. Synopsis referred to him as supernaturally strong. Early discussion inferred he may have been Odin, so Odin hooking up with some Crusaders seemed like gold to me. In the end I felt cheated and wanted my time back.

As for being mad, not so much. Sarcasm doesn't work on the internet and I failed at that. Calling a Canadian an American is like calling a Kiwi an Aussie. We get kind of offended but like to play it up as more than it is.



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Closing this thread up and starting a new one.

New thread.

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