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Good Jul!

Kaftan Barlast

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Today is the 24th, which is the date we Swedes celebrate jul, a holiday originating in the ancient traditions of the winter solstice celebrations. This festivity was sometimes called midvinterblot (mid-winter sacrifice) and involved sacrificing grain, animals and people to the gods in order to get a nice spring and rich crops. Nowadays, we celebrate the giving of presents and the binge-drinking and eating of traditional food.



And up until the 20th century, we didnt have a "jultomte" (christmas gnome/santa) so we had the jul-goat instead. Sometimes someone would dress up as the jul-goat, but usually you just had straw goats kind of like halloween pumpkins.




The famous giant christmas goat of G

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God Jul, everyone!


We managed to get a lot of snow in time for christmas this year. It looks outside like all those christams-cards that you get: A lot of snow that is sparkling in the moonlight. I'm now off to eat some more and to drink some "gl

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That's awesome Kaftan, thanks for the history.


I usually can't sleep on Christmas Eve. You would think that growing up would somehow tame the excitement I have over Christmas morning, but I still get way too excited. At least now I can share that with my daughter, as this year she is all about Santa coming.

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Girlfriend went up to Auckland to join family, and my own tend to do their own things, so I spent the day taking a good rest and reformatting. Much too hot to do much, anyway, and all the shops are closed. Still, Christmas is nice. :)

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i've worked over the holidays for the past 3 years, so this time it was nice to get out and enjoy the day for once


although not with my family, with a friend's

her mum seems to like me so she invited me to come


spent the day in the sun playing hackey sack, tightrope walking, having a massive water fight, and then indulging in large amounts of awesome food and booze


all in all a pretty damn good day :)

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a friend's mum seems to like me so she invited me to come


Wait.. are you going after their mums now?


mother/daughter combo! :lol:


Just don't try a threesome - that would be dangerously close to incest. :)

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