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Brian and Annie merge into a fearsome beast!


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Is there some sort of rule where indie rpg developers go turn-based and mainstream rpg developers go realtime? Or is it just me?


Anyways, good luck.

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Awesome shizzle.

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Eventhough the odds are against them, i do hope that they will achieve something worth playing.

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Kirottu: Basically it is easier to program AI for TB. No sorrt scratch that, It is easier to make mistakes when you are programming an AI for Real time.


They both use the same principles but in turn based system you can use the whole enemy turn to calculate movement for the whole enemy force (thus giving the illusion of Cover/Flanking etc) while in RTS you only have 1/x amount of time to do it and you have to do it individually and hope that your overall ai does act coherently.


So in a way TBS is a bit easier to create a better quality product with less (not really the best word but i hope you uncan understand my meaning) effort.

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IIRC a few people at Obsidian are on 6 month to 1 year contracts, the rest are permanent.

But certainly Brian wasn't a contractor. But if it is his volition to form his own company and do some hardcore games, he's certainly welcome.


Btw how's that ex-Troika team making "Dropship" doing? I heard they use Source engine and turn-based combat. I want that.

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It's sad if the DS and iPhone are the only viable platforms for TB games to develop for. I mean goddamit, I wanna play that on my big screen, with high res!

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