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Developer Diary 3 - Dialog & Reactive World

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A couple of the status updated in the lower-left corner of the screen were new. They indicated that the player earned the "Due Process" perk and the "Suave" perk. I don't believe that either of those have been discussed.

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Nice video, though it "just" confirms what we already knew.

We just have to wait till E3. Pretty guaranteed we will get tons of videos with lots of new content :mellow: I'm still waiting to see if you can actually *ask* NPCs some questions/start teh conversation on the subject you want or is the DSS just a giant interactive cut-scene you only respond to what NPCs feel they wanna say.

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Looks like ammunition system will be streamlined to the type of weapon categories instead of specific. More arcadey in nature but AP never exactly tries to strive for realism like Splinter Cell so its cool.

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It's the Codex. It's almost impossible for a game to get widely positive reactions there before actually getting released mostly because the hive mind considers non-linearity and reactivity to be the measure of role-playing goodness, and it's hard to show that in previews. MotB was bashed before release too, but the game turned to be one of our favorites.

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