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Teaching the way's of the force.

What character do you most enjoy (or look forword to) training as a Jedi?  

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  1. 1. What character do you most enjoy (or look forword to) training as a Jedi?

    • The Handmaiden (Briana)
    • Mira
    • Bao-Dur
    • Atton

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Disciple. He's easy. Less work for me and I can go back to saving the universe.

“Things are as they are. Looking out into the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations.” – Alan Watts
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Never got the training dialogues with Bao-Dur, even though I'm pretty sure I did all the influence stuff with him. Actually all the training dialogues with my party occured pretty late, and I pretty much took Visas/Disciple and Kreia with me wherever I had to go.... have to try the planets in a different order next time.

I took this job because I thought you were just a legend. Just a story. A story to scare little kids. But you're the real deal. The demon who dares to challenge God.

So what the hell do you want? Don't seem to me like you're out to make this stinkin' world a better place. Why you gotta kill all my men? Why you gotta kill me?

Nothing personal. It's just revenge.

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The Handmaiden (Briana)





If we're talking about the restoration project then I don't know how much stuff will be added to the training.

If you don't mean that but how it is in the current state then well...

Handmaiden actually has a great beginning to the training but nothing after that (well... like everyone who can be trained into a Jedi - after that it's just "ok now you're a Jedi so... act like one!")

Mira's like a training with the help of Kreia so it sux.

Bao's like

Exile: "Hey Bao... wanna be Jedi?"

Bao: "yupp"


Atton has quite an interesting training beginning so it was fun too though you don't get much convo with him before Nar Shaddaa after which you can ask him about loads of stuff about his past.

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It is a shame their demeanors didn't change once they became jedi/force users.


Bao Dur's conversion, as another put it, was pretty un fulfilling. I actually didn't manage to convert him my first play through as I didn't know it was possible, and I didn't bring him along very often. He doesn't take a ton of influence. Then its just a matter of asking him and that is that for the rest of the game.


If I had to list my favorites in order from most to least favorite it would be:


Handmaiden: Her conversion directly affects the story, which was cool. "Betrayal". It was really interesting how it effected the return to the Taris station later in the game.


Atton: The only thing keeping him from being last in my list is his story. I actually found him pretty dispicable. A character that illicits strong emotions is a good thing in my book though. Even if they make you hate them. :) My only disapointment would have been options to kill him/have the exile hate him.


Mira: It was kind of interesting converting a bounty hunter with a 'tude to a jedi.


Disciple: Again, he had more to do with the story.


Bao Dur: IMHO the most dull of the jedi transformations. The other characters had a lot to overcome to become jedi. From taboo's in their former trainings, a former murderous life style to being a cynical bounty hunter with a 'tude, they each needed a little work to become jedi.


Bao Dur's only issue seemed to be his hatred for the mandalorians in war, which frankly seemed natural. His issues just seemed small fry compared with all the other character's issues and there was very little to worry about when converting him to a jedi.


Handmaiden: Atris will s&!7 a brick if she becomes a jedi, and that whole betrayal to the echani teachings deal.

Atton: Hmm, is it a good idea to transform this former killer into a jedi?

Mira: I don't know if that attitude is good for a jedi...

Disciple: The whole it should have been his destiny to begin with and the head butting with Atton.

Bao Dur: Uh, he showed strong negative emotions during a brutal war. :p"


It's funny, while writing this I was listing the characters as far as likability, then I had to remind myself that this was about their actual jedi conversion, not how much I liked them/their personality. Atton was originally at the bottom of my list until I thought of it as far as his actual story arc to jedi went and then I found him much more interesting. Bao Dur isn't my least favorite character by a long shot, but he deffinitly has the least interesting jedi conversion IMHO.

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Oh and when I'm DS it's:

Atton and the Handmaiden - of course. Why shouldn't I convert them into Dark Jedi. They show a great deal of obedience not like they would be a threat to me anyway if they start to turn against me.

Mira - so tough you seemed at first yet so weak you are, I give her power and she obeys. Just in case of betrayal gotta watch out for that poison dart - you know how lame the exile is in getting on the cheapest knocking out tricks. :p

Bao - no way! He's my low budget mechanic and his thoughts are so damn hard to read that he even fooled "Mistress of mind reading" Kreia. Plus the man's responsible for killing like a thousand people w00t! He could rig my ass with explosives and I wouldn't notice. :ermm:


If total LS:

Atton - well... he did have that "to die for someone you don't even know" so he figured out what it means to be a Jedi. Though is he ready...

Bao - sure. Nobody's been calmer and more self controled in a thousand years :D

Mira - too proud... too arrogant that one is.

Handmaiden - I cannot teach that one. Much anger in her, like her father. :blink:

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Mira she's the most non traditional Jedi.

Uhm... wouldn't Atton be the most non-traditional?


Look at Mira's background. She may be a bounty hunter, but she's always conducted herself very morally. Atton, on the other hand, used to be a Sith goon. He hunted, captured, and tortured (sometimes to death) many Jedi.

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1. Brianna. Unlike basically everyone else, it seems like she was intended to become a Jedi. However, if I were actually the Exile, I wouldn't train her. She focuses too much on combat. Also, I bet that in about fifty years, being a Jedi historian and all, she's going to become Traya part three.

2. Mira. Again, not someone I'd actually train. She is a very moral person, but that doesn't make a Jedi. She has a lot of anger in her, and the a77it00d does not befit a Jedi.

3. Atton. I wouldn't actually train him either. In fact, I wouldn't actually train anyone except Mical. Atton is good at controlling his feelings, but I don't know if he's responsible enough to be a Jedi.

4. Mical. He would be first, but unfortunately for him I hate him. He has Jedi training (to an extent), and he's very peaceful and calm anyway.

5. Bao-Dur. He doesn't seem like a Force-sensitive, even if he is. If the Exile is a wound in the Force, Bao-Dur is a timebomb in the Force. Sure, he seems all nice now, but the instant someone mentions Mandalorians, he's probably gonna go off, get his face tattooed and get all Darth Maul.

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