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  1. Exar Kun did it too, I think. But it was pretty annoying to have to go right from fighting Darth-100-damage-per-hit-plus-Force-Wave to fighting three sabers of death.
  2. Why didn't anyone vote for Shien? Saved my life in the hordes of Sithtroopers in the last few levels.
  3. True. The Handmaiden always seemed more deep and interesting than the Disciple. If it weren't for the crappy DS ending, I'd say that a DSM Exile was the best.
  4. Assassin. I'm the sneaky type, so I don't like to have to wear the fracking stealth belt to sneak around.
  5. Visas if you're LS. If you're DS, Visas, or Hanharr once you break him. If you call that loyalty. Guess who loves Visas?
  6. It doesn't matter. The only thing that would help would be to reset his dialogue to the original version. Which I don't believe is possible.
  7. If they forced us to play G0-T0 I would have exploded the game. Seriously though, T3-M4 is teh uber Dark Jedi killer W0000T!!!!11!!!1! He has the plasma thrower, the renewable shield, and he is practically unkillable by Force powers. Wasn't there a renewable shield in KotOR I that you could buy from the Rodian at Yavin? I don't know, I don't have it for PC and I never got XBox Live. But my friend said you could. I always keep HK around, mostly because he is the only virtual character that makes me laugh on a regular basis. "Mockery: I do no trust you! I cannot trust you or anyone el
  8. "You've left me an opening!" <{POST_SNAPBACK}> LMFAO. Also
  9. No. There are a number of (about ten) things you can do on Nar Shaddaa, each with a LS and DS choice. When you have 4 DS or LS choices made, you get the Red Eclipse to show up. When you have made 7 DS or LS choices, you get the call from Visquis. It is possible to make choices so that you cannot get the call from Visquis, but I never heard of not getting the Eclipse.
  10. What exactly did Malak's Robes do? I'm on my fourth playthrough and I have yet to find it. I do have six Freedon Nadd's Pistols though...
  11. 1. Brianna. Unlike basically everyone else, it seems like she was intended to become a Jedi. However, if I were actually the Exile, I wouldn't train her. She focuses too much on combat. Also, I bet that in about fifty years, being a Jedi historian and all, she's going to become Traya part three. 2. Mira. Again, not someone I'd actually train. She is a very moral person, but that doesn't make a Jedi. She has a lot of anger in her, and the a77it00d does not befit a Jedi. 3. Atton. I wouldn't actually train him either. In fact, I wouldn't actually train anyone except Mical. Atton is g
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