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  1. I'll try it on my gaming PC later... (my schoolworck one sux...)
  2. No, I played Female and got the Handmaiden... (mods rock!) please read my post next time... Mirax
  3. That my friend, is why I modded my game so I can get the Handmaiden as a female... Mirax
  4. I can't see anything, the pic is 2 dark... Mirax
  5. That's your opinion... I find that your posts lack information other than that you believe that anyone who is a Sith in Kot0R I/II is evil, and you are a christian... If you stopped bring Jesus into the picture, and explained your view, you might get a better response from some of us... Mirax
  6. Um... I don't think the Jedi believe in god... and if they do it would not be Jesus, for he is not part of SW... Mirax
  7. Currently I'm a Vampire/Moon Elf named Mirax "The Dark One" Nightstalker... Mirax
  8. One more Jedi/Sith in the party is always welcome! Mirax
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