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Broken Swoop on NS


How pointless did you find the broken swoop to be on Nar Shaddaa?  

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  1. 1. How pointless did you find the broken swoop to be on Nar Shaddaa?

    • So pointless that you lost brain cells from its pointlessness
    • So pointless that if you stick it in yur eye it doesn't hurt much
    • Not pointless, but it wasn't very useful
    • Not pointless, I used it so much that I even named it
    • What broken swoop?
    • This poll is stupid. Delete it now

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It seemed like as soon as you fixed it, somebody sabotaged it. I definitely lost some IQ points because of it.


Depends on how early you fix it. You might get some more use if you get it early enough, before your meeting with GOTO.


Either way, though, it's really not much faster warping with the speeder, than it is by simply running.


The only thing it's really good for, is gaining influence with Bao Dur (sometimes hard to get), or Atton, and some experience points.

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because of no transit/warp system (well it does exist in a form on Telos and Dxun) Force Speed is more important than ever. I do use it for it's battle properties but man, it makes running through big/boring areas like Kashyyyk, Tatooine Desert, Peragus, the large Dxun camp, and others much faster.


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Pretty darn pointless, yes.


Also a big minor is that you HAVE to be LS in order to complete it...

Alright, you can get 2 Navigation thingies for it, but why need 2 of these? We need a DS variation (or just 2) of the battery.


If it is not worse enough you can only get that as LS'er, you can also waste it on the pylon docks... >_<

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I think they realised halfway through that the design of the areas made it irrelevant as a transport device, but didn't want to cut it out because they were short of events that granted influence with NPCs.


It does have that aura, doesn't it? Maybe it was also a way to bring swoop racing into the picture, but then the rotten thing ended up busted. What was that about?


NS is very linear. Once you set foot outside the Refugee Sector doors you're railroaded, possibly leaving some of your new sidequests unresolvable. But it really isn't apparent that the swoop is the answer; it's just confusing. And it takes you out of the game to have to 'think like a programmer' to figure out the trigger.


The swoop probably also would have made more sense story-wise if you were allowed to take it on board Ebon Hawk for future swoop races, but then the workshop area of the ship would have been SRO with Bao-Dur, Remote and HK in residence. Not much gratification for those who tried the races and found them lacking, either.

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If what you mean is the brocken speeder at the Serrocco Base that you have to repair, that was so pointless that you don't have to gain EXP from it. :p

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This thread is a big "hey, f*** you!" to the humanity's intelligence.


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Only used it once myself. My party can take the workout of walking back and forth.

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