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your favorite Sith Lord

whos your favorite Sith Lord?  

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  1. 1. whos your favorite Sith Lord?

    • Traya (Kriea)
    • Nihilus
    • Sion
    • Revan
    • Malak
    • Yourself

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i have to go with Sion. I know he was not the most powerful or anything but i just felt that the final battle with him was cool we found out a lot about him and he basically could not be beat in battle and you had to break him mentally to win (cool touch). He was blinded by dark side power, we hear about people like this all the time and he showed it us. Malak was a weaker version of him blinded by the dark side but he was just a ****. Second would have to be Revan.

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Revan...at least he/she wasn't as arrogant as Malak or Sion...and Nihilus is wasted game-potential.


I'm not saying revan wasn't arrogant...just less, and smarter than no-brain Malak

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Sion was cool at first, but towards the end revealed himself to be a whiny idiot who was bitter because his secret crush was his mommy's favorite. I had to supress a few giggles when I (LSF) convinced him I "had feelings for him" just to see his reaction.


I really like Traya, but the Kreia alter-ego ruined it. "I'll complain if you're evil, I'll complain if you're good, and I'll lecture you if you breathe!" First she lectured me about going out of my way to help others, but when I didn't help them lectured me about being driven by mindless violence. Consistancy?


Revan was a close second. His/her tactics and concealed motives are absolutely brilliant, but I still have to give my vote to Nihilus. He came across as an idiot in the end, but the concept of who he was supposed to be was by far cooler than all the rest.

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Bah. Sion was pathetic at the end. It's almost like he has mood swings seeing as one minute he hates Kreia and wants her to die, and the next he becomes her apprentice again.


Nihilus was sweet because is high affinity to the force and his whole hunger deal.


Traya sucked. Bottom line.


Revan was awesome. I liked Revan's Sith look more than I like Vader's. I think Revan has the most interesting story of the other Sith Lords.


But I have to go with *coughmyselfcough* :p

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Traya (Kriea) - oh it's "puppies are green, Exile." and in another dialog "you say puppies are green? you would be wrong, Exile!".

Yeah I know that they wanted to make Kreia powerful but they blew it. They wanted to give her 'intelligent' dialogs and mentor like answers which should make you feel dumb whenever she says sth but the only dumbness I felt was in the dialog choices that I had in reply to the stupid thing she just said.

Kreia was annoying.

Annoying because whenever there was sth stupid she said you could never answer with sth cool to her. You could never be smarter than her, you could never be more powerful.



Nihilus - great concept, potential and all but... uh... failed with using it. They should have at least made it that at the middle of the battle with him he starts draining Telos, you distrupt him with a Lightning bolt or sth in his arse but because he still drained some life -> he'll get a 30pt bonus to CON and WIS or sth. That's how I would make it.


Strange similarity: Kreia and Nihilus both sometimes probably don't know what they're saying :D



Sion - damn whiner. Poor example of a Sith Lord. I mean how much whining did he do that the first kotor1 char I compared him to was Carth!


Thing I didn't like about both Nihil and Sion is that they were a little bit of a waste of potential.



Revan - great tactician and all. I can't have anything against him cuz Revan is acctually only mentioned of when talking about before amnesia and during it he's exactly how you play him. I wouldn't vote for him however cuz it's like someone said that it could be that so many ppl like Revan because they acctually get to be him.

Oh well but there are no better choices so go Revan! :D


BTW unlike the Exile -> Revan gets to become a Sith Lord again with a beautiful DS ending.

He's got Bastila, an infinite fleet, a planet with beach and sunshine -> all the body needs :) (ok ok I assumed Revan as male though some of you can't imagine him to be anyone else but a blonde girl).



Malak - I ehm... liked him! :) He had the still remaining in my mind Revan complex or how do you call it. He was strong. He commanded the Sith for a reason -> luck - Revan got almost killed and everyone else feared Malak cuz there was no one else but Revan who could challenge Malak.

Yes yes - he wasn't very bright but he wasn't even a bit annoying.

Not annoying because whenever there was sth stupid he said you could answer with sth cool to him. You could always be smarter than him, you could always be more powerful.

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I voted Malak as we never actually got to know how Raven was as a sith.


Yeah you're right I guess.

They did say all many good things about Revan but...


In K3 are they gonna say that the Exile was kicked so often as he/she was?



It's gonna be:

"William Wallace has killed 50 people!"


"William Wallace has killed 200 armed strong men using only his left arm!!"


We acctually get to see Malak in action.

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I picked Revan. I love Revan. Revan was great. He was a great duelist and tactictian. He could beat probably anyone one on one in a duel, he may not be as great of a duelist as Vader (before suit) he could have won by tactical advantage like Obi-Wan did. I could have put Nihilus, but he was terrible for all of the hype. You don't put somebody as the face on a box if they are sucky.

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I just wanna add one more thing. Just because Sion cut Kreia's hand off, doesn't mean he's better. It wasnt a fair fight, Kreia didn't have her sabre with her. Here is my analysis of all the sith lords. I way in the pros and the cons.



+ Great light saber skills, poweful in the force, great military tactician, great charisma and ability to lead.. had the best head on his shoulders out of all the sith. All the others were either magalomaniacs or totally twisted and insane.

- The fact that he was still somewhat of a good guy kind of took away from his dark side ability.



+ Again, great duelist, almost as good as revan in everything, but fell a bit short.

- No milatary tactics, and cheated using the power of the star forge, not so sure how he'd cope on his own.



+ HIs ability to drain the force from others and recruit slaves is impressive, it took Exile, Visas and Mandalore all at once to beat him, the way he died leaves open the possiblity that he might return. Obviously a great duelist.

- He needs to feed off force sensitives to survive. Got weak after Visas cut off the bond, an isolationist that will always lead to his own destruction.



+ The fact that he really can't be killed makes him obviouslly the hardest to kill. His constant pain and anger and the using the darkside to hold himself to gether has conditioned himself so that he is very strong int he force.

- May not be as strong of a light saber duelist as the others. But considering that he always gets back up, probably doesn't have to be.



+ The wisest and most knowledgeable of all the sith. Has the ability to wield 3 lightsabers at once with her mind.

- Lost her hand, which compremises her ability with the saber and is old, which means she is probably past her prime. Also her "gray jedi" ideals doesn't sit well with other sith.


So here is my rankings in conclusion:


1. Revan, 2. Traya, 3. Sion, 4. Nihilus, 5. Malak.


Revan is obvously the best but 2-4 can easily be interchanged with each other.

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