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  1. Will my EXTREME! FemShephard be able to get it on with her? I'd like to lez it up with a human this time round.
  2. O RLY? Did she thank you for it?
  3. Presumably Silent Stream of Godless Elegy This is quite interesting. Reminds me of In The Woods. Sort of.
  4. I'm pretty sure that the uncensored version would get me banned. Unless Fio's OK with a bit of T&V?
  5. "smegma.avi"? Nice. Having to re-organise all the icons after updating my graphics drivers is a right pain in the arse. So I deleted them.
  6. I need to get a new mouse and keyboard myself. The mouse: because the cursor keeps flicking into the corner of the screen. This is really annoying in FPS's because I end up spinning round and round while looking at the ceiling. Also three buttons just aren't enough. The keyboard needs replacing because I spilt beer over it, and now the , , , and keys don't work properly.
  7. Immortal - Beyond The North Waves
  8. I'm thinking of getting an 8800GT. Will it be bottlenecked by my CPU (AMD64 3800 x2)? Also, will a 550watt PSU be powerful enough?
  9. Crysis SP demo for me too. I'm surprised how well it runs on my 7300GS (at minimum settings). It's nowhere near as eyeball-buggering as say, STALKER or Oblivion.
  10. Abgott - Dimensional Labyrinth
  11. Because Catachan pattern sentinels are pretty much useless in regular terrain (possibly excepting city-fight), and all my other ones went in the drop-troop army. Plus, you know, taking an extra Russ looks so much cooler.
  12. After reading about the forthcoming Apocalyse supplement for Warhammer 40,000, I decided to finally finish off my Guard. So here they are. The 69th Buttsplitters in all their glory: 266 men, 22 vehicles. PWNAGE FOR THE EMPEROR!
  13. How are the ads worked into the game? Load screens or billboards etc?
  14. Deicide - Behind the Light Thou Shall Rise
  15. Not in the last few years since he was in hospital, but yeah, he used to ride it a lot. It gets a lot of admirers when he's out on it. Apparently it used to help him score with chicks back in the sixties.
  16. This is my dad's bike. 1941 Indian Scout. The christmas lights are't actually a permanent fixture; my dad just doesn't like leaving it in the garage over the winter. Of course, if I'd spent fifteen years restoring it I'd probably feel the same way. This is the piece of crap I have to put up with. "The Son of a Bitch". Keeping this in running order is full time job, I'm telling you.
  17. Dammit! Accept's avatar is cooler than mine! Mael Mordha - Godless Commune of Sodom
  18. That depends. Try slapping your stomach and seeing how the ripple goes. If it goes up to your chest then you're probably fat.
  19. Yeah, man! Rancors that can become Jedi and dual-wield giant lightsabres!
  20. Unbelievable, isn't it? You draw a guy with a massive boner on your school book and the teacher bollocks you. Draw one on a hillside and it's a cultural landmark. Also, pagans suck. I can attest to this personally.
  21. See these children playing. Now watch them burn.
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