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  1. You end up knowing nothing about the True Sith because nobody knows anything about them, just that they are there.
  2. i know its not really on topic but even if they are ds from the corversations with kreia you will fight the real sith because they threaten the republic you want to conque. Ah well just thought i would say and i say they will be allies no matter their alignments.
  3. She leaked the info im pretty sure. When the sith went straight to the planet and killed everyone on it apart from Visas she was even more upset than before thus leading her to delve into the sith artifacts even more to find out the nature of the threat she is facing. However her emotions get the better of her and the point she turns fully dark side is where Kreia talks to her i think she could guilt trip her about the deaths of all the jedi, being the betrayer. However Atris thought that the sith would come to battle the jedi face to face and she would become a hero for helping to draw out and defeat the threat.
  4. like the idea apart from i would prefer to be a padawan training in the core worlds then a message beeing sent back from reven/exile that they need asistance in outer rim this way if we had them as party members they could be fhigh level when we join them say 15 wen we go out to the rim. ( i am not in favour of reven and exile as party members, rather have them making cameos). Such as them sending you on missions and the like.
  5. i have to go with Sion. I know he was not the most powerful or anything but i just felt that the final battle with him was cool we found out a lot about him and he basically could not be beat in battle and you had to break him mentally to win (cool touch). He was blinded by dark side power, we hear about people like this all the time and he showed it us. Malak was a weaker version of him blinded by the dark side but he was just a ****. Second would have to be Revan.
  6. From what has been said so far in both games (mainly TSL), it looks like whether we are jedi or sith we will be fighting to save the republic. Maybe we take over in the True Sith Lord's place. But we won't be able to have them as allies, IMO. If we did wouldn't this just make it a simple case of galactic domination. Meaning that there would be little resistance therefore no battle etc from a crippled republic. I think when we are told Reven was trying to save the repulic by becoming Sith, it is basically saving look whatever you do in k3 you won't become leader of the true sith. Srry if it is a little bit of a rant "
  7. Can i just ask why people who are star wars fans are always moaning about the movies and games? They get tickets for the first days it is open at the cinema and then come on here and say the acting is terrible. It was such a good movie finally showing us how he became darth vader. So what is some of the dialogue was cheesey. The film is great and i would say 1st or a close 2nd to ROTJ in the star wars saga. I know people are intitled to their own oppinion but what is the point in critisizing everything and still calling yourself a fan? Just had to get that off my chest.
  8. k3 first star wars game on xbox 360?? hmmm who knows?
  9. It is the guy who wants to take you to Nar Shaddaa that makes the droids fix the ship not HK-50. He is always waiting for Sion to come and discover you and then try and turn the last of the jedi to a sith. He traps you in the cargo hold on the republic ship when the Sith Assassins so they can capture you. Somehow Kreia manages to free you and board the Ebon Hawk without capture and as you escape you get fired on and drift to peragus.
  10. Ok cheers. I'll go try that now hehe. So ill finish Telos and then go straight to the refugee sector and get influence.
  11. ok but the only conversation i have with him at the moment is the pazzak things can you teach me and wnna play republic senate rules lol. so do have have to wait for some more to magically apear he was the only person i had trouble with influence i got it easy with everybody else.
  12. is there something that starts the Atton influence rolling? Is is pazzak beating him or something like you have to beat Handmadein in combat to gain influence with her. I really want to turn him into a jedi this playthrough.
  13. i was soooo looking forward to SW:Galaxies and then the
  14. I have been thinking and when k3 comes out to close the KotOR series off with the success of the series will there be another? We all know that KotOR is the best selling Star Wars game, so i think it would make sense for GL to make another series of Star Wars RPG's based at a different place in time. They could be before the movies or after them before is proberly easier and 4000 years to play with or they could be even before KotOR. i know it is not really KotOR related but ah well i posted it now lol. Obviously this will be a few years down the line, we all don't want another story ramming down our throats just after finishing KotOR. So on XBox 2 the nex gen of Star Wars RPG's could take place. Views please (but don't be too harsh )
  15. Handmadian/Visas/Bao Dur. And when all 3 r jedi it makes it much easier hehe
  16. I said in another topic that the easiest way for whoever produces k3 to intergrate Reven and the Exile is to have a Q&A session at the start of the game but then have them also choose what they look like somehow as well. Maybe have somebody say they have picture of Reven and then you select the face you used and same for Exile. That sounds Lame i know but somebody could come up with something better. What you think bout the basic idea??
  17. This may sound stupid but is grievous a force sensitive? Because i was under the impression he wasn't as i have never seen him use a force power. If that is the case how is he able to use a lightsabre because only force sensitives can wield a lightsabre without hurting themselves. If there is an explanation isit that he is nearly all machine??
  18. If you take female rodian's side in the trade dispute on Nar Shadda then the female Rodian has a silver crystal in her updated inventory.
  19. If what Kreia says at the end is true then all your friends from the second are to be the new Jedi order. They would teach pupils of how you did what you did and the easiest way would be to just call you the Exile. "He chose to shut himself off from th force after the Mandalorian Wars from then on he was known only as The Exile". That way people would refer to him as the exile and there is no need for a name.
  20. Hildegard I was thinking exactly the same thing about a k3. From the dialogue at the end with Kreia I would say that OE have a good idea what they want k3 to be like. And when k2 was in production LA did have people working on a k3 but fired them. we can only guess at what the new game would be like at this stage but whatever happens i hope more time is taken on it than k2. The easiest way i feel for the exile and Reven to be included in the game would be to let the player choose what they look like and the alinement. It is not rlly part of a flowing game but i think would be the best option to make all players happy. Off Topic: i think OE left the sound files in the PC version so that players would find them just so they could make people as pissed off as they were when LA gave them the time constraints.
  21. Vash is kept alive by Sion until your arrival on Korriban because if she was dead you would have no reason to go to the planet. As soon as he senses that you have landed on the planet he has her killed. I think Kreia says from the ship that she sensed her death shortly after you touched down. Vash wanted to learn more of the Sith by getting captured and Sion was just using her as bait so he could capture you.
  22. I got lightside mastery with Handmadien so it is possible and i think i may have got it with Bao Dur aswell but i focused on them 2 in the game so that could be the reason....
  23. Sounds cool then if that is the case with Ep 25 being the star of the movie. BTW in one of the new episodes there are 2 wookies hunting, is the younger 1 suppost 2 be Chewie??
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