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Favorite Character Combo?

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Visas/HK , Handmaiden/HK , Mira/Goto on Korriban (Ha!! It is too funny)

Kreia/Atton in Refugee Sector...


I could get way too detailed here. I have specific parties for each place depending on if I am LS/DS M/F


If you haven't taken Mira and Goto to Korriban, try it.

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K1 - Bastila and Carth (and jolee)

K2 - Atton and Kreia (mira and bao dur)


what happends on korriban with go-to and mira?? cant be botherd to start a new game just to try it out...


I thought this post was asking what class's you like as a combo for your PC, if so mines...


K1 - scout, guardian

K2 - sentinal, weapon master


unless darkside, when its sentinal, sith lord

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what happends on korriban with go-to and mira?? cant be botherd to start a new game just to try it out...




I put it in a spoiler tag for those who don't want to see



They are the two biggest wimps on Korriban. When you walk by the cave Mira says, "Please tell me we don't have to go in there" and something else...I forget what. When you get to the entrance of the Sith Academy ruins Goto says, "I just remembered I had an important business transaction back on the Ebon Hawk. Surely you don't need me to go with you." Neither of them like it there. It is really funny hearing Goto wimp out like that!


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My favorite characer combo is me, me, and............me. :D


The other party members just get in my way in combat, so I go solo.

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Guys can you give reasons as to why you chose certain people for certain planets and areas? It'd help.


Ohhhh for certain planets :)


Nar Shaddar when you first land and explore first zone.


Atton/Handmaiden: The interaction between the two when they guy comes up to you about the Ebon Hawk is PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!




Depends if your going light or dark but if you go dark try this combo


Go-To/Mandalore or Mandalore/ Visas


Any fight sequence : HK and Mira (they really dont like each other)


LOL, thats all I can remember, think its time I replayed the game hehehe

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My favourite for K1 was Carth and Jolee/Canderous.


K2: Atton and Disciple.


I like having boys follow me around, it seems. :devil:

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Dantoonie: Atton/Kreia then Atton/Disciple

Nal Shadda: Atton and Disciple.

Dxun (1st): Disciple/Bao-Dur (only because I can't use Atton)

Onderon(1st): Mandalore (no choice) and either Disciple or Visas

Korriban: Atton and Disciple. (I sense a pattern here)

Dxun Tomb: Atton/Disciple/Bao-Dur or Disciple/Bao-Dur/Mira or Atton/Disciple/Mira

Palace: doesn't matter, whoever I feel like at the time


Essentially, I've tried most of the NPC's in all the areas at least once, but the above is what I stick with now. They all work. Just go by who you like most or dislike the least.

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Depends on what class setup my own character is.



If I go Guardian, I like to have Visas in my party because she can do it all if you select the proper skills for her. The other slot is filled with HK. I don't know why, but I just like having a droid around for those pesky area effect force powers. HK is always able to fight when I am not.



If I go as a consular, I take Mandalore and Handmaiden with me. Mandalor is just plain and simple, a tank. I take Handmaiden for the extra jedi factor with blaster deflections and back-up force powers.




For conversations, I enjoy taking HK, Atton, Mira, and Mandalore.



Handmaiden and Visas are poor characters in my opinion after playing through the game a few times. I don't enjoy talking with either of them.



Kreia gets on my nerves and I wish I could delete her from the game. Some folks think her dialog is intelligent and witty... I agree at some very specific points, but ultimately she says crap like





"You must master your fears, or your fear will become your master!"

"The glass must be half empty for it to be half full!"

"Without the darkness, there can be no light."



She reminds me of that movie "Mystery Men" and that one dude who became their mentor in the movie.




"Don't give people money, because EVERY time you help someone out; some bully will punch them in the gut." Yah, whatever. Stupidest reason to stop the gameplay I ever did witness :p




I really hated Kreia. I enjoyed Malak more than her. At least Malak said what he meant. I mean I HATE kreia so much I just don't play the game anymore. Maybe if I take the time to replace all of her dialog subtitles and audio files to say the same thing "I'm the worst character ever!" in a computerized robotic voice - I may load the game up again.


As for the time being, I'm all Kreia'd out.



Oh, yah. I never take Kreia with me :( LOL

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