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Comments on KotOR 2 Music

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Maybe I just missed the particular thread, but there doesn't seem to much talk on the KotOR 2 music besides from the fact that the included audio in the game was downmixed too much.

Thought I'd start a thread on what people thought of the music composition, like the general tune, theme and all that. If you're a music buff who can't "listen to the notes she's not playing"

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cos the music quality is too low then well, I probably wouldn't understand you anyway cos I'm not that sort of arty-emotion person.


Overall I thought it was OK, not as good as KotOR 1. There were some good bits like the Onderon battle (well, that sample bit in the Restoration thread), but eh...I dunno. The main bit that sticks out for me is that the Jedi theme wasn't very Jedi - it resembled more of a Bastila-style (sad/down) type theme. I guess I found the idea of the LS ending to be as un-LS as the DS theme ("so much for the Jedi").


And still can't believe they didn't use the original Cantina band song anywhere.


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Yeah, the rebuit jedi enclave was my favorite. As far as cantina music goes... Last I checked, the music in the cantina on Telos can also be found in the old Star Wars: The Phantom Menace video game. At least I think it was the telos cantina...

The rebuilt Jedi Enclave music was easily my fave music as well.

I think that is the theme of the Jedi in this game.

It was really tragic, like the Jedi have not only been all but wiped out, but the final masters seem to have fallen from grace also.


Also, about this cantina music.

4000 bloody years, and they still can't come up with something new, in 4000 bloody years.

I'm amazed the people of the Star Wars universe haven't all died hearing that song being played over and over again, over 4000 bloody years.

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I really liked most of the music in the game, but most especially in that guys Sith Temple. It was really well done and manged to cover come the fact that I was in the most poorly name character of alltime.


The only track I didn't like was the one when you got back to the Jedi Enclave, That one really got on my nerves and it seemed not quite completed, like alot of things in this game

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I agree. The rebuilt enclave music was by far the best in the game. The other music was good as well.

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Wow. After reading the first post, I was about to mention how much I loved the music from the rebuilt Enclave, but now, after reading all the other posts, I feel like an unoriginal dolt.


I really did love it, though! Anybody got an mp3 version of it? :)

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I like The Sith Lords, or the music that plays as you create your character. I also really like Peragus. But the Rebuilt Enclave is probably my favorite... except if you are "Lightside ending" and you get this really great instrumental part of the Rebuilt Jedi Enclave music as you see the Hawk flyby. It was so pretty...



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To follow the common flow...Yes I too found the Jedi theme to be the best piece, followed up by the Sith Lords theme. I also liked the re-use of the Sith theme from KotOR I, although placed a bit wrong(my opinion). Combat music is combat music, after awhile they all sound alike. However, the final showdown music was a big letdown. Malak's final battle music was awesome, right up there with Bastila's theme. Overall an equal to the first, but both still feel a bit out of place from Star Wars... meaning not enough use of certain themes, especially the Force theme which appeared to play when you gain lightside points ;) and traveling from Onderon to Dxun. :)

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