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Which KotOR character would you be?

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I tend to see things like Jolee - lightly and with a sense of humor, and have an independent, unorthodox way of thinking.


In terms of humor I do sound a lot like HK though sometimes. Not at all like him in character, but I have that sarcastic way of talking most of the time.


I'm also quiet and laid-back like Bao Dur.

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Well, I'm like a potluck stew. I'm just about the coldest, most sarcastic, most easily angered girl any1 of u will ever [not] meet. I'm good at keeping my face expressionless tho. Oh, and I'll beat the crap outta u if u insult me being the first and only girl on my school football team. Let's see...


Bastila: Cuz I bottle all my feelings up and never tell them to any1 and I'm brash and impulsive. Oh, I can be kinda cold 2.

Canderous: I like to threaten to kick your *** and I likely WILL if u piss me off enough.

HK-47: We think so alike...

Bao-dur: Smarter than thou art. Good with technology.

Zaalabar: nuff said


etc. etc.


I'm most like Visas. :ermm: We're like exactly. Well, except for the no eyes, jedi thing...

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Dang, this question is like those pesky mutliple choice answers where you have to "choose the best answer" from many that are variously incorrect!


The least unlike me is Jolee.


He's complex: pretty caustic when he wants to be, kind at times, doesn't suffer fools and he's along for the ride!


He also has the driest sense of humour of all the characters. :cool:




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A combination between a Gizka, a Cannock and a Rancor.



LOL :p you must be very ugly :huh:


I am like Visas, mysterious and share unusual insight with people.

My eyes are not that good either so soon I will have to wear something to cover them.



Here's hoping your Force Sight improves, too :D -- Otherwise you'll have to play games that cater for those with impaired sight (and hearing), like Half-Life 2.




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Jolee Bindo - as i am very sarcastic and have a dry sense of humor, i can tend to ramble and not be very specific in what i say, i am also a person who prefers to keep themselves to themselves unless pushed, and last but not least i have a very poor memory.

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Good question. :shifty:


I believe I'm a mix of the following:



Calm, hard to rile, and rather bland at first glance.



Has an air of mystery, but also of purpose. Not trusted by some, also bearing grudges that inevitably must be released.



Come now. I'm short, cute, and nobody likes me. :thumbsup:


Eh...there's probably more that I'm like, but I can't think of them at the moment.

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Horns and tattoos on his face is bland? :huh:

I guess it is, as opposed to Darth Maul.


At least Bao-Dur's face isn't red. :p

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