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Some crazy topic...

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Which one would you pick:Marry Disciple,spent a night with Vrook or ask HK to terminate you?


(I know,this topic don't make any sens,but I needed change for the Visas/Bastila/Handmaiden/Mira and Carth/Atton topic...)


Personaly,I'll take HK terminate me,cause with the two others you live in nighmare for the rest of your life... :lol:

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Let's weigh the choices:

+ Marry Disciple: spending the rest of your life with a pansy... 'nuff said.

+ Spending a Night with Vrook: Nothing would happen since the "Jedi are not allowed such attachments"... (and he's the most Jedi of the Jedi) Besides, he'd probably make you fall asleep with lectures and rants of holy-Jediness as well as history.

+ Asking HK to Terminate You: Die? Forget it, you've got to save the galaxy!


So, I'd choose spending a night with Vrook. And if he tries to make a move on you just sue him for everything he's worth and you can watch him be exhiled. :shifty:


And why break away from the hot-video-game-character appreication threads? :lol:



KotOR II: After the Credits Rolled: Read

Force Sight: Read


Gaming Blog: Read

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