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What was the best feature of KOTOR II in your opinion. The one you enjoyed the most. Try just to list good features and avoide complains, buts...althoughs.. ect. Lets try and create a positive atmosphere in this thread.


For me it was the parts were you were obliged to play with companion(s) only. It gave a very good reason to actually care for their character development throught the game.

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The ability to get rid of all the thrash in your inventory by disassembling it into parts and chemicals.

- When he is best, he is a little worse than a man, and when he is worst, he is little better than a beast.

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Basic list:


A) Hologram people

B) flowy robes (as already mentioned)

C) Inventory arrangement

D) the "Bonus Quest" stuff

E) the dialogues between the characters when you enter/exit the Ebon Hawk

F) Atton-the-Pazaak-Guy (where you could play anywhere -- cantinas, Dxun, Ebon Hawk)

G) T3-the-Moving-Workbench (as already stated again)

I) New prestige classes

J) No level caps



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Force Sight: Read


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-The ability to access everyone's equippement inside the Ebon Hawk.

-The workbench and lab station.

-Upgradable gear galore.

-Party influence, alignement.

-Jedi/Sith conversion.

-Party behavior.

-Quick weapon switch.

-Level 28 as upper limit.

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