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The Mira Poll

What do you think of Mira after playing the game?  

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  1. 1. What do you think of Mira after playing the game?

    • She said I was too old :(
    • Bounty hunters, we don't need that scum.
    • Scout class is the best
    • Ahhh...my precious little Jedi Sentinel.........
    • DAMN she's hot.......
    • I want to make a baby with her!
    • *still pre-occupied with Visas Marr's loading ramp*
    • I'd let her jab me with a Bothan Stunner and starve me for days...
    • Always a darksider so I got the wookiee........
    • Too busy fantasizing about Visas/Handmaiden/Atton........

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Mira is a good character, vaguely reminiscent of Anna in PS:T, whom I liked a lot. I can't see her as a romantic interest, though.


Mira's voice acting was extremely well-done, and while she argued with you, you could sometimes tell she just loved to argue. She knew things weren't right, but she was very good at rationalizing. Given her backstory and reasoning, her turning Jedi is believable.


Unfortunately, as a Jedi she never seems to gain enough power to be effective, even when I chose Nar Shaddaa first and turned her at the next opportunity. Even Handmaiden was better, even tho' I did her last and get tired of her moralizing. That's the problem with the Sentinel class; it takes time to develop the goods.


I tend not to take Mira along, except on lightly-infested areas. Her wrist rockets and darts had only a negligible effect on Hanhaar; she didn't have Force points enough to cast what few offensive spells she had; and no way could she stand and duke it out. End up taking away her lightsaber and giving her a rifle back, which kinda defeats the whole purpose.

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Mira, awesome blaster Jedi. Nice to have a character that doesn't need a lightsaber to be effective considering you have to wait quite a bit to gather enough to outfit all your Jedi characters (assuming you converted them all).

Master Rapid or Master Power Blast with keen pistols are the way to go. Hope you luck out and get a Mandalorian Disintegrator.

Still a bit ticked that the game cheats her out of stat points (as noted in other posts, Mira's starting stat points don't add up for a character of her level).


Mira doesn't need to duke it out with enemies. She partners well with HK when you have a consular PC as they don't get in the way when casting offensive powers. She mops the floor with Hanhaar easily with a few adhesive grenades LOL.

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Mira is one of my favourite characters to bring along in the party, both for offensive power and skill usage. But she would be a complete waste to use as a lightsaber fighter. With all of her Precise Shot and Targeting feats she's best as a ranged fighter, dual-wielding blasters.


I usually wait to make her a Jedi until I've received all the Precise Shot feats from her Scout class. She doesn't need that much Force Powers anyway, just enough to get Master Speed and the two "Deflect without Lightsaber" powers.


With two fully upgraded Micropulse-blasters she does more damage per hit than all my other lightsaber wielders save the Exile, and usually kills half the enemies before my melee fighters can reach them. :huh:


When going solo with her, using Adhesive grenades with her grenade launcher effectively keeps melee enemies away from her, since the grenades detonate on impact when she shoots them, and allow no saving throw, unlike all disabling force powers.

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I thought Mira's voice acting was the worst of the companions. She always seemed like she was racing through her lines.

Worst of the companions, though, can still be fairly good.

However, the Jedification scene on Nar Shadaa was absolutely wonderfully done.

I liked her character quite a bit, though.

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Mira was one of those characters that had the potential to be amazing....especially with the detail in the back story that they gave her...but the detail sort of went nowhere at all...Probably more cut content :(.


All in all...I liked her Wrist launcher...I want one! :( and that was pretty much one of the only reason's I used her >.>; (On my next playthrough I plan to use her and mandalore alot together to see if there's any fighting between the two ^_^)

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