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kotor 3 names

what should be the name for kotor 3?  

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  1. 1. what should be the name for kotor 3?

    • The True Sith
    • star wars knights of the old republic hk-47's revenge
    • star wars knights of the old republic t3 attacks
    • star wars grand theft auto
    • star wars revenge of the customers
    • don't care just make sure its not rushed
    • other

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Well I think that it would be cool if you could take your final savegame from Kotor1 and from kotor2 and download both you old Revan character from Kotor1 and the Exile character from the Kotor2 for a great finale. The Revan would be level 20 so you would add about 10-15 levels and the Exile could be augmented with another maybe 5-6 levels. The third character could be the one that you took to the "heart of the Sith Empire" in Kotor3.




Knights of the Old Republich:


Return of the Sith Empire


Trinity (oh wait - strike that :p )

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Mucka_Heartagram on another thread mentioned "The True Sith Wars."


I know that I'm really no authority on game titles here, but a lot of these titles show promise.


Dark Horizon

Return of the Forgotten Race

Return of the Sith Emire

The KotOR 2 Patch, now THAT's a good one.


I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if one these titles made the final cut. A lot of them are that good.


Perhaps just The Forgotten Race or The Sith Empire, no "Return of"


Maybe The Lost Empire or The Lost Race, or simply The Sith War.

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Well everyones gotta start somewhere, so here I am.


I reckon it might help if I knew what the story might be, it hasn't even been confirmed that there will be a KOTOR III yet, has there? (Although I'm willing to bet there will be.)


But I think if I had to go for a name I'd probably say something regarding "The Lost Teachings", "The Forgotten Order" or even "The Republics last stand". :blink:

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what do you think?


KotOR III: Dark Force Rising


I would like to see the story go back and forth between the two sets of characters from the first two games. While The Exile has left to determine the fate of Revan, a new threat to the stability of the Republic emerges. Czerka Corporation is making a power bid for several inner systems, and tensions between the Mandalorians on Dxun and the Exchange are building. Events both inside and outside of Republic space are hurdling towards one another, and timing is everything.


Something like that...

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