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Cheats and Turning others to Jedi

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Ok play through 1 i used cheats and I found it broke 1 part of the game after I used the cheats (Including god code) I could NOT beat Handmaiden in any of her fights so I could NOT turn her into a Jedi.


is this normal and the cost of cheating or a bug in the fights triggered by me using cheat codes.

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Invulnerability cheat will only make your character "God mode"...Not your NPC's.


KSE is a much better utility though. :blink:

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Open up "swkotor2.ini" and under [Game Options] write the following: EnableCheats=1


Most, if not all, of the cheats from the first KotOR work in KotOR II. The main difference is that you won't see anything written on the console while typing after pressing the ~ key. This could potentially lead to typos, which of course would mean that the cheat codes themselves wouldn't work. Make sure to spell correctly when typing in the codes.


For a list of the cheat codes themselves, click here.


I hope that helps. :thumbsup:

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I use God mode when I'm replaying parts of the game to get someplace -- like the Star Forge in KotOR I or defeating Kreia just for the dialgoue options at the end. ^_^ I've had no problems with it.



KotOR II: After the Credits Rolled: Read

Force Sight: Read


Gaming Blog: Read

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THe game is fun enough without cheating... If u want to kill everyone simply by looking at them knock teh difficulty down to easy and if u want a reasonable challenge knock it up to DIfficult.


You PC owners have too much power. GO for teh BOx and play it right the FIRST time.



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