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Just got MY Lightsaber...

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Yes!!! That is right!!! I got my own lightsaber, the one that I built. It was a difficult thing to go through to get it, but I got it.


I am sorry, but a Jedi does not wield simple swords. He is nothing without his lightsaber.


I got it once I left Master Vrook on Dantooine. For those of you who don't have a lightsaber yet, you need three parts to your lightsaber.


You need an emitter, a lens, and of course the crystal. You have to look for the parts, they are on Dantooine.


Where? Go look, it is not that hard.

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You need an emitter, a lens, and of course the crystal.  You have to look for the parts, they are on Dantooine.


Oh, but not all of them are just on Dantooine....I already have two of those, and I ain't even off of the Citadel station.


Correct, you do have the Ithorian that gives you a special lightsaber part when you complete a task.

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What kinda damage you guys doing with your lightsabers?


My regular violet one in my right hand is 15-33 +30

My short violet one in my left hand is 9-25 +28


totally owning folks with my sabers, lmao



PS- I built mine on Dantooine, buy the parts for 1000 credits from the one salvager that you set free in the sub-level of the Enclave, and keep the dead bodies that you found in the sub-level of the Enclave also and goto the Milita leader who will give you the reward that the dead salvagers had..

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Ok, i too built my first saber on Nar Shadda. But, at this point, i have one light saber, and 3 force users.


Me - My single blade. I'm set.

Karie - She needs a single.


Atton, who blew me away and became a jedi... good thing i didn't train him in any ranged feats. LoL. But he does have 2 handed weapon mastery, so he needs a staff, or a short and long saber..



Do how do i get more lightsabers? Do i build them? Do i find them whole? help would be greatly appreacited.


Also, is it possilbe to get my orginal saber back for the witch?



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I don't recall ever finding the lense. I played Dantooine first and made note of each of the items I needed, as I found them. When I completed the last task on Dantooine I spoke with Bao-Dur and suddenly discovered that I had all the pieces. Maybe I missed the msg, but I don't think so.


So Vrook may be a "silent source" to the lens.

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I had my lightsaber built before i seen Vrook, ok heres how you do it, i will put the spoiler tags on so if anyone that hasnt done this yet isnt dissapointed.



The dead bodies and the will you recover in the sub-level of the Enclave, save them and take them to the Milita leader and he will give you the treasure that the dead bodies you are holding had found, but since they are dead nobody can claim them. Second, the one salvager that you help escape the sub-level of the Enclave, goto him when he makes his way to the salvager camp, soon as you save him he says oh thanks and then goes to his camp outside the Enclave, pay him 1000 credits for the 3 or so jedi parts he has, then just speak to Bao-Dur and he will make you a lightsaber on the spot. Oh yeh, make sure you buy all the stuff from the one salvager woman, she has a crapload of color crystals and other crystals..


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I thought you are supposed to get your saber from Atris as well. Didnt the devs say that your own saber is special and there is an optional quest to get it...or did they mean the one you build. BTW, I did the same thing as Mosoner...and dont forget to check the entire crystal cave where you will find some nice lightsaber related items...perhaps even the best. ;)


Another quick observation...I noticed that the damage you do if you have two sabers or melee weapons goes down compared to just the one sabler/melee. It does the same even if you use the short saber...so I have just resorted to having Master Dueling...does more damage and i get better defense...I just me or was this what they did to make the single saber more viable?

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It seems to me that you'll get the parts you need on which ever planet you go to first after Telos.


I got the one part from the Ithorian on Telos and the second part when I faught the Sith girl in the ebon hawk. The 3rd part came from teh slavager guy on Dantooine but I have friends who have found the 3rd part on other planets.


The odd thing was I got a 3rd lightsaber in an odd way just out of the blue. I just got it handed to me out of the blue after compleating a subquest on NaShaddar but there was no mention of it or anthing.

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