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  1. Bah I just used Force Lightning on them over and over again.
  2. I really don't understand why he can't wear robes. There like, is no practical explanation for this. Maybe he can't get them over his head because they keep getting stuck on his horns? Does that mean he can only wear button up shirts and no pull overs? Does he ruin hoodies? No seriously... it makes no sense. Personally I wanted a black "robes" type similar to the dark master robes in KOTOR because they look alot like lukes black outfit from ROTJ. I don't really like the look with the long cape, infact I don't even think it was done well enough to justify adding it to the game. A
  3. Moving Meditation is basically a way for you to repair T3 if he's injured in battle and recover FP if I'm not mistaken. I've never had a chance to use it, as I don't take him into battle much, but I believe that's what the guide says it does. As for the hologram itself, it's dependent on the gender of Revan. Males get Bastila, Females get Carth. Either way it's not the hologram I'm so concerned about, but the conversations that follow. Though I have heard that T3 tends to be one of the more buggy characters in the game. I know mine is. He's pure LS, but whenever he's on the level up screen
  4. No it changes his dialogue but his demeanor stays the same.
  5. I used Force Enlightenment which made her unable to hit me and then flurried away. It was quite easy.
  6. You have to create it using a workbench. Find a workbench and use like Bao-Dur or T3 to make it for you if you don't have the skill yourself.
  7. I have an Ultimate Diatum Energy Cell, a Pontite Lens, and a Expert Fencing Emitter in mine.
  8. In my 3 times through I have gotten the Circlet of Saresh all 3 times....
  9. Master Force Speed Master Flurry = 5 attacks per round.
  10. Has anyone else seen this FMV? It shows Kreia in the Malachor Academy's Core getting her ass handed to her by Sion and Nihilis.
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