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  1. Just an update on swoop racing-Its much better on Onderon.3 tier system and by far my favorite track.
  2. Talk to the guy at the Czerka dock to find out about the fake Batu.For the real Batu talk to the woman in charge of Czerka on Telos, and convice the Ithorian leader to divulge his whereabouts.He gives you a key card to access his apartment (C-3 I think).The Ithorian will lie to protect him at first but you can persuade him to tell you.You can then kill him for Czerka or take him to Lt. Grenn.
  3. First off to get Mira you must be lightside-otherwise you get Hanhaar.You must complete a number of quests to get the attention of the exchange.Once you get their attention you will recieve an invitation to an obvious trap in the Jekk Jekk Tarr.You will not make it though as your ambushed by Mira who goes in your place.After a series of events thereafter she joins your party and you meet Go-To.
  4. I wouldn't trust the strategy guide though.I got a couple bronze colored crystal the guide doesnt mention either.Not sure what the point of the bronze crystal is though, as I can't distiguish the color from the orange one.
  5. From what I understand you cant get your prestige class until you're a certain percentage light or darkside.If thats the case you might want to wait to level past 15th until you meet the requirements.
  6. How can you group GO-TO and Bao Dur together? I really liked Bao Dur but I want to destroy that pompous droid!
  7. Your personal crystal's powers are determined by level and alignment.Each time you level up you need to speak with Kreia to have the crystal reattuned to you(after you remove it). The Ultima-Pearl's stats are: +2 dmg, +3 att, massive criticals 1-6.Not that great really.
  8. Unfortunately, I cant agree more with the previous posters.The ending after what was otherwise a great game, was just plain flat..Lucas Arts has done us (and Obsidian) a great disservice by rushing production.That is unless the plot holes are filled in KOTOR 3.
  9. I had 2 silver crystals, and two viridian crystals, but I never found a cyan crystal.Did anyone ever find any of these crystals(not color crystals)-Ankarres saphire,Barab ore ingot, or Kaiburr?
  10. There were alot of loose threads at the end.Hopefully you're correct that this leads into the next game and not just bad writing.
  11. I had the same problem for a while.I managed to find out some more information about her family from Kreia, soon after I was able to talk to her(Handmaiden) about her family and she agreed to be my disciple.She only got about 3 or 4 levels as a jedi before I finished the game.
  12. I dont even have Disciple as I left his sorry butt on Dantooine.I read somewhere on the forum that you cant have Visas,Handmaiden, and Disciple(only 2 of the 3),Is that correct?
  13. Just before you start fighting them you can go into your use item menu and use all the stims and in my case med packs(He was still beat up from the fight on the ebon hawk with those guys who were made about me stealing their parking spot) you want.After that I just turned on a melee shield and started beating on them.Its tough because they use health packs alot but if you mantain your shield(and have a good def rating) its not too bad.
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