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What the Hell!?

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Doesnt matter, This is a NON-PC user thread, because I dont want ur guy's complaining. Think of it from our point of view, we thought we got it today now we dont know whats up.....


yeah u guys got screwed over too, big time, but that was awhile ago, get over it...or continue to moap but not in my thread please ;-)

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I've got it on pre-order at Gamestop. I just called them, and they said it ships today and they will have it tomorrow. I also called EB Games here in town and they said the same thing. So looks like D Murda is right - 6th is shipping date, not in store date.


P.S. I live in Fort Worth, TX

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Well, my EB is selling it today. Im at school now, so when I when Im done I'll head over there and see if I can report back to you guys.

Somebody posted this in another topic earlier today. Guess we'll have to wait till this afternoon to see if they get it or not. They did not say where they live.

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