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Kotor 3

Who Do U Think Will Make Kotor 3 ?  

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  1. 1. Who Do U Think Will Make Kotor 3 ?

    • 1)Bioware
    • 2)Lucasarts Make And Develop It
    • 3)Obsidian Ent

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Bioware + Unreal 3 Engine. Great mixture.

imagine it now, a starwars fps rpg great mixture :lol:

There is always Jedi Knight, which in an essence is a FPS.

yea like i said :lol:

Where is the bell, wait for the bell, k i need the bell, wait the bell! Ding bonda dong! Ding bonda dong! Ding bonda dong! Ding bonda dong!


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Obsidian hands down.

No disrepect to Bioware, but Obsidian has defeated the original with the sequel, and that is damn hard to do, let alone make it one of the best games of the year. Also, I dont trust Lucasarts to do it all themselves, thy would problably screw it up bad.


That's a rather premature comment considering that we have yet to actually see what Obsidian's version is like yet. Early indications seem positive, but you're jumping the gun by making that statement before the game is even released.


I think I'm going to really enjoy playing TSL, but I know I enjoyed playing KOTOR 1.

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My biggest concern is that it doesn't seem that OE will have the manpower rework the engine and it is beggining to look extremely dated.


I guess they could licenese a different newer engine...


But what that have done thus far endears me to them, and on the basis the story is getting such high praise thus far I'd like to see them Helm a conclusion.

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Doesn't matter how Kotor 2 does cause Kotor 3 is already in the making.


Click Here


This pretty much says it all.

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