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  1. If you wanna have a exciting game (even though it is hard since combat is so totally easy in this game) then make a high-dex guardian and use blasters only.. and no force powers, that way the game becomes somewhat of a challenge and fun. Yeah yeah i know a gazillions people will shout "but jedi's use lightsabers and the force" , baah KotorII have superfreaky boring japaneese style uber guys running around vith glowrods chopping up everything i plain wiev in a matter of seconds.. not jedi's. Better make the game funny for yourself and try out a challenge i say.
  2. Taxi Driver : Statement : Are you talking to me meatbag? Unessasary Clarification : well there aren't any other meatbags around. Repedative Statement : Are you talking to me meatbag? Ect Ect..
  3. The good old "Nuke'em until they glow in the dark,then shoot them in the back" mantra never fails..
  4. This is a no brainer ... Death Star is a battlestation the Starforge is a manufactorig plat.
  5. Who cares they are all pretty much the same anyway.
  6. This is so very funny , Why not put your fingers in your ears and yell real loud until everybody agrees with you? Anyway the worker is going to answer you if you like it or not. Theres absolutely no correlation between the order of the jedi and Christianity - the Jedi do not pray to any higher entity (by that alone it doesn't qualify as a religion) - the only submission the Jedi partake in is into personal development physical and mental cometary to Christianity(and other religions) who exorcises submission as a means to flock in line. The fight of Light Vs Dark is not a invention
  7. Many posters dislikes getting their hands dirty with this kind of nonsense.. the worker aren't one of them. Choice? what choice, If you preach to somebody that you either do things our way or else you're doomed, Then you don't give them any choice at all, All religions are based on one single Absolute - Live as we preach or be lost. Let me see - surrender your will to a set of guidelines give to you by a book and/or a preacher in church - do not question these guidelines but spread the guidelines to anybody you met so there can become more of us , sounds like a cult of mindless
  8. Is that why the shadows hide from the light you see it in everything even the darkness that would try and corrupt each of us, it hides behind us behind the tree behind the rock creating the shadow itself, the sith and dark ways are flawed, and the light and justice will always shine thru. God loves you. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Actually shadows are cremate by light, Darkness on the other hand is the absence of light, a if one is inclined to participate in your metaphorical nonsenes one would remember that the universe as a whole consist of 99.9997% Darkness which leaves the li
  9. Since they are both fictional charecters this is a contest betvine writers and how much they bring to the table... lets see in the Blue corner we have the writing staff of Bioware ..impressive indeed ..and in the red corner we have some bearded guy called George Lu...aw hell.
  10. That's what it looked like to me. He held onto it briefly than shot it back at him. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Actually i think he asorbed the lightning and then shot it back at Dooku, He can simply asorb the lightning if he want's as seen the second time dooku shots it at him, And even if he could't he could have deflectet it against the wall but he dosen't he shots the lightning af dooku. Unlike in the games, The movies seem to not place forcepowers into categories as Good or Bad only the intent in which they are used .. Dooku whishes to destoy Yoda and hence his action is
  11. I mentioned it in a lengthy post before. It's here for anyone who's interested... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I like your Ahab analogy,though i personally think that Kreia is simillar to another charecter made by the same people who spawned kreia - Ravel. Ravel is a seeker of freedom in any form and for anybody, this is a holy quests for her she even tries to set those free who dosen't wish to be free like the Lady Of Pain or free The Nameless One from a Contract that can't be broken, any cage in any form is a enemy for Ravel. Kreia seeks the dead of the force since by her me
  12. Fist game - Bastila'n'Carth second game and far the most entertaining i played as a soilder-guardian who only used ranged weapons and no force power (made the game quite challeging and fun) there i always took Canderous and mission with me.
  13. Exile : "Sometimes when That guy *Points to the player on the other side of the monitor" ain't looking , I pray that this time the ending will be better...
  14. when you actually convince yourself that the game is any good.
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