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  1. Handmaiden.....But I'd choose Bastilla over all the KOTOR2 cast.
  2. I like the violet saber....was my favorite on the original too.
  3. Thanks, I think I ran into a little bug before....those doors wouldn't open for me so I went to a save just before I went into the tomb and explored the tomb over again and it worked that time....just have to make sure youy explore every room before you go into the last room.
  4. how do I get out of the tomb? I've wandered the whole thing like 3 or 4 rimes and can't get out....I've done all the cut sceens in it and there is no more items to get that I can see....what am I missing?
  5. I picked Guardian, I'm a tank and I'm gonna pick Weapon Master and be brutal ...I picked Guardian because I wanna be awesome with the lightsaber, plus when I get Master Valor, Master Speed, and Master Flurry I'm gonna kick some ass. Is it true that the force Aura/Jedi Defense/Master Defense doesn't work? If so I'm gonna start over and go without that line of force powers.
  6. is force crush added to the force wound/choke/kill tree? just wondering.....Anyway force kill is my favorite power for darkside, lightside is Master Valor.
  7. Master Valor, Master Speed(I know it's universal but if you use them together you'll do some major damage), and I didn't know Master Defense didn't work, I was going with those powers too.
  8. Yeah that's true, don't have to save levels for force powers which is nice.
  9. So far I like it, got kinda lost on paragus(sp?)though, but finally figured it out. I think I'm about to leave Paragus....I just want my lightsaber and I'll be happy.
  10. I just bought it, played for about 6 hours and had zero problems.....worse I got was a slight framerate drop but nothing worthy of bitching about.
  11. Hello, I'm also new and from the Bioware forums....I also frequent teamxbox.
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