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Who is your favorite droid?

Who is your favorite droid?  

92 members have voted

  1. 1. Who is your favorite droid?

    • R2-D2
    • C3-P0
    • HK-47
    • T3-M3
    • Elise's "personal assistance" droid
    • IG-88 bounty hunter
    • Volourn

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I always liked IG-88 I'm not sure why he just seemed realy cool, but Bezelbot was funny as all hell

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my favorite is the

Terminax TX Assassin Droid



however you should have done it in couples such as

hk-47 and t3-m3

becuase you forgot these:

DRK-1 "dark EYE" these were darth Maul's driods on tantoine

Mark Vii Inquisitor Seeker Driod (you saw this in Ep. IV

Mse-6"mouse driod" this was on the death star on episode IV

EV Supervisor Driod Episode VI "Jaabas head torturor"


MD series Medical driod Episode V on hoth

trade federatiohn combat droid episode I

FX Medical driod Episode V I think

Lom Protocol driod (bug eyes with c3-p0 body)

Ra-7 Protocol driod " death star droid"

r5 astromech series R5-D4 from episode IV, the one with the bad motovator

and that shape shifters assasin droid from episode I

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C3PO won by sentimentality, otherwise its would have been Hk47

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R2-D2 defenitelly beeps better than T3-M4  :D


T3 could go droido-a-droid with R2 even though there wouldn't be much in it! Just the fact that T3 could be equiped with a carbonate projector makes him cool! Also on tatooine he makes really scornful remarks to the guy surrounded by the crazy hunting droids!


But the best moment ever is Hk's "Malak the Meatbag" bit! :):o


Classic comedy that's why I voted for him!

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