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Can I play a Goth chick


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I was reading the Sandman comics over the past week, so I'm a little more inclined to such stuff lately. Death (of the Endless) looks pretty interesting, could the character suitable customisable heads and clothes like that?


Edit: Some of the new screenshots on IGN have an interesting looking lady. Also lots of body piercing != goth chick. That's just possiby shrapnel.

Spreading beauty with my katana.

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Its sould be a Hentai game, most of those are set in high school.

I'd buy it :lol:

Boss: You're fired.

Me: Ummm will you let me have my job if I dance for you?

Boss: No, I don't think so-



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Yes I do.


Take "True Love" for example, it have RPG elements and its set in "mostly" a school.


Its a pure classic.

Is that the one where you can bang your teacher? Or one of like 6 girls at school, or the crazy cat girl? That game was cool.

The area between the balls and the butt is a hotbed of terrorist activity.


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Goths are idiots, who needs idiots in this game ?!?

Thank you for that wonderful generalisation.


Not all goths are idiots. Some of the smartest people I know are goths. Granted, most are idiots, with their attention-whoring and 'look at me I have a cool Creed/Nickelback shirt!', but certainly not all are. And if you have the right balance, they can also look exceedingly awesome.

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Ok I understand that some people don't like generalisations, and there are always exceptions. Not in this case:

1) All goths are idiots. Poncing about in dumb make up and stupid chains while going 'life is pain man.... yeah.... ooh look at me... i don't care... look at me' is annoying. Do us all a favour and kill yourselves already if life sucks so much. Having had personal experience with clinical depression, and knowing many other people who have too, I can say it definately does not make you want to put on stupid black clothes and make up and moan constantly about how painful life is. It just makes you hate people who seek attention that way all the more, for the people who really need the care are getting ignored, or a bad name by association, because of these goth losers.

2) I have heard there are some really good hentai games... there's one quite famous one done in about 1999, i think it was a horror hentai. It's like well implemented horror, intercut with lesbians getting it on, set in a...yes, a school.

3) If someone hasn't made a game called 'kill the goths' yet, they should do.


EDIT: Divi Dead was the name of the Hentai game i was thinking of

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That game was nuts. They didnt tell me it was hentai. and all of the sudden the sister of the best friend assaulted me!

Its not "all of the sudden", it builds up to that point. ... like almost all relations in the game (except the cat/angel that you just need to find her and have the right objects).

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