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  1. What about the Fuel Quest. Even though its marked complete, you can't talk to Lt. Grenn about it, and when the Ravager appears, he still complains there is no fuel for the station.
  2. Not a girl, but I keep wondering why Goto isn't on the list. You know he's loaded.
  3. Kreia:Apathy Is Death! Atton: Apathy Is Death! Handmaiden: Apathy Is Death! Bao-Dur: Apathy Is Death! T3-M4: Beep! That gave me a chuckle.
  4. I thought Kreia made some good and not-so-good points. This I happen to somewhat agree with. When you've got lots of desperate people, and you give one of them some credits, it makes him a target. Its sort've like tossing meat into a tank full of hungry sharks. The sharks will bite at each other in an attempt to get at the meat. However, what I dislike in that particular instance, is that you lack options. I would've liked to see some like this dialogue wise. [Awareness]What are you going to spend it on? or I could buy you a meal if you're hungry...
  5. Agree totally. Dark Sun is one of the most unknown and obcure settings of D&D(along with Spelljammer, but who would like to play there?) and I think it should be given more coverage. Ditto with the Planescape game too. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hear, hear! Another game in Athas, or that visits Athas would be great(the visiting , and then getting out again maybe problematic, but hey) Spelljammer would be cool also, but I maybe asking too much. :party visits Athas:: :dies of heat stroke from being in metal armor: :metal armor is promptly looted and sold for scrap metal: BTW, has anyone checked out some of the stuff on Athas.org Fan made, updated to D20, and with WOTC official sanction.
  6. I've heard that quote several times when traveling the vastness, that is internet. Where is it from? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Its from those old text-based Zork games. Whenever you enter a room without a light source(torch, flashlight, crystal glowing thingy), it would display that message. I think you're actually eaten by a grue if you stay in a dark room too long.
  7. Okay, since no one else seems like they are going to . Ah hem.. "Its dark. You might be eaten by a grue"
  8. Well thats what I remember. But there was only city you could visit(Phlagn (sp?)) Not multiple cities. You were just exploring that city and the surrounding area.
  9. You know Pool of Radiance's concept of a game taking place in a single city was pretty cool, would like to see it done again right. You could really develope the setting and the characters without having to have 7 major planets with very little in them. Of course people would probably just complain there are not enough environments <_< <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Maybe they could alleviate that with less generic NPCs. Give the player more people to interact with, and they won't care as much that there aren't as many environments. Or have multiple cities with different environment, but you need a landspeeder or something to get between them, but it'd all take place on one planet.
  10. I'd love to see a Final Fantasy Tactics/Tactics Ogre Star Wars game. More than that, it'd also have town and village exploration similar to the old SSI DnD games like Pool Of Radiance and Curse Of The Azure Bonds. Its storyline could perhaps be a side-story or gaiden of KOTOR. I could easily imagine in it on a GBA. What does everyone think? Could someone poke Lucasarts into commisioning this type of game? Oh, if anyone else has a suggestion for their dream game, this is the time to post.
  11. No thats just Gamecube. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Not so. You're missing some good games if you think that.
  12. I am leaning towad playing a Consular, and eventually Jedi Master, but if Sentinel looks attractive enough, I might play that.
  13. Always darkest before the dawn. If you manage to overturn the Sith's plans, it'll mean that you accomplished something really significant.(least feel that way seeing as how this is only CRPG)
  14. Don't know yet, but I'll likely have Kreia in my party most of the time.
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