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  1. I am really looking forward to this game. I do wonder though, will there be any giant mutant Fiddler Crabs? Is it even Fiddler Crab season? One has to wonder.
  2. It was so good in the X-Files the first time and they both have "X" in the title so it should work again!
  3. I don't know about confirmation, but that wouldn't make any kind of sense, so I'd say no. Hell no. Don't think of it as the Hard-Boiled mode in Max Payne (or something like that). From what I understand, it'll be more of a gameplay preference than a "difficulty level". This is exactly what I'm hoping it is as well, but you can never tell these days and it would be nice just to have confirmation that "Yeah it's available from the start". I really don't want to play the game normally and then Hardcore.
  4. Has it been confirmed anywhere that hardcore mode is available immediately, or are they going to be horrible and make you beat the game normally before you can play Hardcore mode?
  5. Exactly. Well said sir, well said.
  6. More like MotB and nothing at all like the incredibly banal and pathetic dungeon o slaughter'thon that is NWN2 OC (that doesn't even try to make any sense, while slaughtering warehouses full of respawning rogues or town guards, then nobody caring at all about exterminating half the city watch). Please, nothing like the original campaign and model the new expansion on MotB. Brilliantly done, excellent writing and great quest design. More please.
  7. I know how long it's taking me to do what I want to do in NWN2 and the worst thing is talking about it before you've finished. I'm not surprised that he's just quietly working away on it in the background.
  8. Those questlines are mutually exclusive, they cannot both be done. You cannot construct your lightsaber until after telos and on completion of Dantooine, Nar Shardah or Onderon. I don't recommend going to Korriban first because you'll only get one of the parts you need and not the other one, meaning you have to go to another planet. The best planet to do first is Dantooine because of the crystals and you can easily complete your lightsaber.
  9. I've made a comment about how much I love this game before, but I really must say that Obsidian have absolutely hit the nail on the head. No dumb orc warehouse massacreathons and instead brilliantly weighted and thought out encounters that truly are challenging without being absurdly bull****. It's like someone at Obsidian realised that an expansion should build upon the previous game and this doesn't treat the player like a moron. It has actual consequences for your actions, you don't just get awesome new powers with l33+ lewt and not pay some sort of price for abusing it. I'm incredibly impressed at how minor things you do impact the story and how later encounters can play out. This is the best RPG in a long time.
  10. Really, I believe I made this point three times before you noticed it. I'll bear this in mind that frequent repetition will be required. Nope, you didn't. Simply saying that it lacks non-FPS features of a **** FPS is not saying that it retains those **** FPS features. Yes I did. That you've demonstrated you do not take the time to read your opponents arguments fully before responding, I see no point in bothering to discuss this with you any further Also, yes, Deus Ex: IW is a poor FPS. It has braindead AI, is terribly easy, weapons are unsatisfying, the unified ammunition system removes most point in using multiple weapons except for the weapon that is the path of least resistance (because it's merely going to drain your ammunition for more useful weapons by keeping around inferior ones). But whatever, go on believing that IW is a good game, you're not convincing anyone Also: This argument is fundamentally the same as this argument: You just didn't bother reading my post the first time.
  11. This is where your argument has failed up to this point. You've only ever pointed out what Invisible War lacks that Deus Ex had. Incorrect. Read my posts much? Please feel free to read my posts in future, then respond. Evidence suggests otherwise. Please read, think and then post responses. Thank you. Edit: And just to prove the point, from the same post that, again you demonstrate you didn't even take the time to actually read properly, is this: Really, I believe I made this point three times before you noticed it. I'll bear this in mind that frequent repetition will be required.
  12. Do you read what I write? Do you even read what YOU write? I have to wonder when you come out with nonsense like this. Rubbish again. I should rebut this, but I'm not sure where to actually begin with that. Perhaps I could point out you've made several logical fallacies in one go, like making a ridiculous strawman of my original argument (Or just not reading what I wrote). Secondly the aspects that make Deus Ex a "good/fantastic" game are not in the sequel, meaning that you're definitely left with something less than good, because what is left is not at all brilliant. I could point out, that your feeble attempts to defend the game have basically devolved to claiming other games are "fantastic" at aspects like being much better in terms of combat (IE: FEAR, which I agree with BTW, I'm playing it right now and really enjoying it), as if this somehow excuses a game for being mediocre at the same thing. Deus Ex, the original, is a terrible shooter (and so is the second). It is the other aspects of the first games design, which elevated it to an 'excellent' game. These are aspects the second game completely lacks, leaving you with a mediocre shooter and nothing that redeems it. Unless you're a homicidal maniac of course. Edit: You can't read can you? The first game devoid of the features it had like the large detailed levels with numerous secrets and areas to poke around in, the RPG like inventory management, the RPG stat system, the fact what you did in the game world had consequences (IE: it appropriately reacted to you being a murderous homicidal sociopath), weaponry with multiple kinds of ammunition and encouragement of resource management etc etc. Depth. Take the depth away as Deus Ex: IW does and you're left with a terrible shooter, with poor shooting mechanics, awful AI and not much terribly interesting about the game. Really, your whole defence "it's not crap, it's just crap compared to virtually everything else that does everything it tries to better" is laughable.
  13. Rubbish. Firstly, it took everything that made Deus Ex great and either shat all over it or dumbed it down into oblivion. For example, the horrible unified ammunition system, the lack of any consequences for anything you did (You can massacre *every single* NPC in the game without consequence), the tiny cramped level design (Compare the multiple paths, secrets and such of Liberty Island in Deus Ex to Seattle in IW) and so much more that went wrong with that game. It was sequel in name only and an inferior game to the first in every respect. This is rabid fanboyism. It was a good game unless you insist on making comparisons to the first. Yeah, it's not like it's a sequel... OH SNAP. What was your argument again? Yes, a game that actually manages to do everything worse in areas the first game arguably pioneered and innovated in is certainly not "good". But even so, it has crappy game mechanics, terrible AI (even compared to the first game), has a world that is more dead than a headless chicken, the ridiculous unified ammunition, the actual "FPS" part of the game is terrible and on the list goes. Yeah it does. Because what it changed made the game worse. If you have a good game and you completely remove or actually make those aspects worse in the sequel, what are you left with? It's not a good game, no matter how much you protest. Although this isn't directed at me, I would point out that I thought Resident Evil 4 improved on nearly every aspect of the original games. It still maintained the same gameplay style, herbs are still there, it has a goofy B-horror storyline, boss monsters that require pattern recognition to beat, hordes of enemies on screen, a solid standard arsenal of weapons, limited inventory and on it goes. How you can compare a game that did everything right while keeping true to the predecessors, to one that basically completely butchered what made the original game great is truly beyond me. Resident Evil 4 is not just a great game by itself (whereas, Dues Ex: Invisible War is not) but it's also definitely a brilliant sequel, update and deserves to be considered a part of the Resident Evil games (whereas again, Deus Ex: Invisible War does not). If Resident Evil 4 had done away with all the guns except a pistol, removed zombies from the game entirely, dumbed the difficulty down heavily, had no boss fights, the removal of inventory completely (hence resource management aspects) and basically all the things that made Resident Evil games before it great: It would have been absolute crap. As it turned out, they gave a smoother and more updated way of controlling your character, while still retaining the exact same feeling of being alone against the hordes of freaks that the first games had. They didn't change core aspects of the gameplay. Inventory is still there. You can only carry certain weapons, meaning you have to make tough choices as to what you need to specialise in (in fact, I think RE4 even improved on this aspect by increasing the variety of weapons, while providing you the ability to upgrade older ones, meaning you can choose between keeping an older weapon and upgrading or going for the newer and fancier model). You don't need to do exactly what came before, but you shouldn't break what doesn't need to be fixed. I love all the Resident Evil games, but I'll admit any day that the controls were off-putting and often very frustrating for new players. This is why they were changed. This was a good decision. In Deus Ex: IWs case, making the levels tiny destroying any sense of exploration, dumbing down the plot to the point you can massacre everyone in the game without consequence (really, this is just verisimilitude breaking and stupid) and completely gutting the RPG system of the first game are stupid changes and make the game considerably worse. As it is, you're left without the interesting RPG/FPS hybrid of Deus Ex, you're left with a terribly half-assed FPS that actually doesn't even play very well as an FPS game to begin with. That is why it's a poor game. If I want to play a half-assed FPS, well actually, I don't want to play a half-assed FPS, which is my entire problem with the game. Please never compare a game that is genuinely great and a fantastic update to an aging franchise to a piece of crap again.
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