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  1. While the ending lacks in choice I would hardly call it a bad ending/story. Most is explained through dialogue. And bugs? I havent seen any
  2. Starcraft:Ghost might be a nice "trailer" to SC2. But SC2 cant best SC. Or it has to be like HL2 to HL1.
  3. Don't care. Not a CRPG. Never heard of it. First person view sucks. Worthless FPS. Was relevant 10 years ago. Worthless eye candy and no substance, like TES3. Not a CRPG. Never heard of that one either. Superheroes suck. Diablo MMORPG wannabe. Worthless action fest. No challenge equals no fun. Never heard of this one either. Read Doom 3 expansion. Dues Ex wannabe. Never heard of the first 3. An irrelevant shooter. Can we say lame. Neo is dead. Deal with it. Another lame Star Wars game. I hope not. We need good games to be released. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I think its the Gargoyle personally
  4. KOTOR. I've never been into RPG style games much. But this game made me interested
  5. Yes! Its absurd! Its only good when the female main characters kill the male villains! In a latex catsuit plzzzzz! -.-
  6. I'm playing WoW with a group of people I know. That eliminates the search for f*ckwads. ( already found them =p ) That said. MMO's aren't for everyone. No problem. I personally despise DDR, platform and racing games. But you won't find me posting in a "best racing game" thread about why I despise them and why I think they shouldn't play them. ^_^ ( Then again. I will do so with DDR threads. DDR trully is the spawn of evil. Its like a mixture of Bush, yaoi, slash and blinding pink *shivers* )
  7. I'm getting WoW. Followed it for the last few years and it looks amazing. Normally I wouldn't buy any MMO game for a monthly fee, but this one seems worth it. And people pondering about why MMO have monthly fees should start think for a change.
  8. Hear the cries of the pirates =p
  9. Is darth Vader or Maul in the game? No? Well. Why the need of old movie music then? *shrug*
  10. To the topic on hand: I love my HL2 DVD. 6 cds sound dreadfull I would love a YSL DVD. yes plz
  11. For xbox users: Is the taste of Gates ass worth it?
  12. Be greatefull. It sucks =p
  13. Every decent xbox game comes out for the PC. So why get an xbox with a superior PC? And beng Europian doesn't give me much of an option.
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