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Funny Stuff: If you tell a joke in the forest, but nobody laughs, was it a joke?


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HA! Good Fun!

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"If there be time to expose through discussion the falsehood and fallacies, to avert the evil by the processes of education, the remedy to be applied is more speech, not enforced silence."Justice Louis Brandeis, Concurring, Whitney v. California, 274 U.S. 357 (1927)

"Im indifferent to almost any murder as long as it doesn't affect me or mine."--Gfted1 (September 30, 2019)

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Let's look at the silver lining here. Sure, the response to an ill-advised ad campaign for ****ty beer was, let's say... Disproportionate.:shifty: Still, if the end result is a lot less people drinking ****ty beer, I call that a net positive. Granted, it's likely that a lot of those people are simply drinking different ****ty beer, but I'm an optimist, I like to think that at least a few of them switched to non-****ty beer and that's a win for humanity as a whole.

🇺🇸RFK Jr 2024🇺🇸

"Any organization created out of fear must create fear to survive." - Bill Hicks

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