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Need help with a character

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Hello guys. I'm a newbie and I'm here asking for help with a chanter (scald) + rogue build. My intention is to make an offensive character, using only a dagger as a main weapon. I'll play in turn based mode but i'm confused about the attributes and skills I should take. 


Sorry my english. 

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I play Skald's all the time in turn based.  It's my favorite/only class/subclass for my Watcher.   Max Perception.  You want to make sure you hit.  High might, high int.  I've read that int has breakpoints in TB, but I'm not sure if that is true.  I wouldn't dump Dex, because while it is not as important as in RTWP, it does impact your round to round initiative.  I don't like dumping resolve, but if your comfortable with it, I don't see it as an issue.

Take 'Thrice she was Wronged and Thrice she was Avenged' at level 1.  It melts groups.  Dual Wield as well.  I wouldn't limit yourself to one weapon type as there are a lot of interesting and cool weapons in the game, but in my turn based runs, DW has been by far the best way to go for any melee character.

Note that I have never played Path of the Damned, so I don't know if the effectiveness of Skald would drop on that difficulty, but if I ever do play PotD, my Watcher would be Skald/something, since I like the subclass that much.  I focus on offensive invocations and melee.  If I want summons, I bring a second chanter for those as there are so many story companions with chanter options that I don't feel the need to have my Watcher summoning when she could be exploding a few badguys.


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I wouldn't say it's impossoble to fail. You can build bad characters if you want to. It's just so that if you pick what sounds reasonable and fitting you will not have a trap build. Also because all stats have their uses for any class. 
In other systems like D&D you could - as a beginner - make choices that sound reasonable but are complete trash.

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13 hours ago, Gfted1 said:

I think they mean that stats dont really matter. You can build any character with any stat distribution and its impossible to fail, right? Wasnt that specifically one of the points of PoE?

What you say is fairly accurate, stats don't matter all that much (although you can fail, if you really try), but what @asnjas says still doesn't really make sense. I don't see in what way Obsidian could have dug its own grave, and as the OP of this thread is a newbie, it's perfectly reasonable that they are asking for assistance with stats.

I also believe that @Boeroer is slightly exaggerating the problems of the D&D system, although they are undeniably there. A beginner's choices can be "complete trash" from a powergaming perspective, i.e. in relation to what is optimal when you know how to exploit the system, but they are unlikely to be generally trash, i.e. unplayable or very difficult to play. Boeroer does have a point, no question, but D&D is not as bad as he makes it sound.

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By the way, here's a thought experiment that I think illustrates the way in which Obsidian's system is slightly odd.

Play Aloth as a fighter, or play your PC as a wizard who behaves like a fighter. In other words, give them a sword and heavy gear, never once use spells or any other wizard abilities, play them as if they are a melee fighter. I believe this will work quite well, although probably not on PotD. You will never have any combat abilities, but you won't need them, either, because of the general balance of the gameplay. Just use your heavy armor and shield and sword and you will do fairly well, even if you are a wizard. You probably won't be able to go solo, but as a member of a group you won't have any major problems.

This, I think, is somewhat odd. (That's all it is, though: I'm not saying this makes the game a failure in any sense whatsoever.)

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