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  1. As someone who plays a lot of turn based, I've steered clear of Magran's challenge because it negated turn based largest advantage which is being able to take time and plan out things, especially spell placement. I do think it's more doable in turn based, but it's just not appealing to me.
  2. There are steam achievements, but I don't know if triple crown is one of them. I have 44 of 55, myself, and of the 11 I don't have, 5 are hidden. So, it could be one of those, and I just can't confirm. Or it could be like the god challenges, adding more difficulty or a tweak for more challenge without an achievement.
  3. I am a fan of both Fassina and Ydwin. Ydwin could be pure cipher in your group, since Maia can handle rogue things, or you could let Ydwin handle rogue things as she can be cipher/rogue, and you can get her basically as soon as you get to Nekataka. Mirke is also very easy to get, and she can be a lot of fun, too. I haven't done much with Konstanten. Rekke is solid, it can be annoying getting to him early game as you might get intercepted by high level ships.
  4. In my two skald runs - chanter/pally and chanter/fighter, I never once had the Watcher summon. My chants were damage ones, or sometimes CC. I was the main tank for both runs, and if I needed summons, I'd use a companion for them. I found it fun being the tip of the spear, swinging and blasting, and letting other party members be support.
  5. I prefer Maia as a geomancer, myself, as I tend to already have a rogue type, and I don't think you can ever have too many casters. Also, if you do have a pure caster, you can let Maia handle mage buffs and let the other caster nuke away.
  6. I personally prefer Skald for a melee chanter, since it builds phases via melee crits, and a melee chanter tends to generate lots of them. That said, I think any of the subclasses would work just fine for it, it's really a personal preference. I've done full playthroughs with Skald - Skald/fighter and Skald/pally and I've never had issues with phrase generation at all.
  7. Ydwin can also fill the rogue role, or play as pure cipher, and she's very cool to have around in BoW.
  8. I can't offer any insight on the first. I can offer a little on the second. In my first turn based playthrough, I ran with two geomancer (ranger/wiz). One was Maia, and her role was ranged damage naturally. The other was a custom adventurer who had the off-tank role. While ranger is not the same as monk, assuming you are planning on using the Shattered Pillar/Wiz as melee focused, I can offer some insights. First, wiz has a lot of free action buffs. That means on round one you can use almost every buff you have before - or even after - you make your attack. So, you should always have all the buffs of your choice. Now, you can buff pre-attack in RTwP, too, but there you lose attacks, in a way, while buffing. Second, you open up the easy use of short range and touch spells. While I rarely used those, when I did, they were effective. Third, nothing keeps you from staying back and nuking with powerful AoEs, and given monk's ways to improve Might and Int, they would pack a larger punch for you than they would for me with a Geomancer, and I never felt that AoEs lacked impact.
  9. I've had a lot of success and fun with both Bleakwalker/Skald and Fighter/Skald using 'Thrice she was wronged' and it's upgrade as the primary invocation and having a mix of situational chants as passives. I'd get the Ice and Tornado invocations, too, for when they were better options for a given fight, but Thrice she was wronged is strong the entire game.
  10. I do have CP :). I went with Trickster/Priest and so far it's been pretty fun. Casting more then rogueing, but Touch of Rot is just so good. Majhe Island was so smooth. I even took down both halves of Gorecci Street (on Veteran), and just melted the four guys on the porch. So, I haven't needed to stab yet. The rogue half feels good, though. I'm going to run with Xoti as SC Priest, with main role of buff/debuff/heal, Serafen as SC Cipher, and keep him flanked out in case of bad wild surges, Mirke as primary melee, and Fassina to double up on all the juicy corrode spells and their dots. It'll be a more caster heavy party then I tend to which should be fun. I do want to try out an offensive Helwalker/Priest though at some point. I also found out that lying to Clario about having the papers does not give you neg rep with Xoti. Every other lie on Majhe does, but not that one!
  11. That's a really interesting idea. Wizard doesn't actually add much to the build, as the priest bonus spells and the cool wiz spells for the concept overlap. I was thinking Helwalker, but I have to give the zealot idea more thought now. Maybe go with stealth and slight of hand and enable the pick pocket blessing to see if it's any good. Or stealth/mechanics and try using traps for once instead of just selling them.
  12. I'll have a party. Eventually, I'll do a solo run, but I like the companions. I also still need the 'make a companion hate you' acheivement, so I think I'll bring Xoti and Eder along to let them see end game Eothas, and make every 'religion sucks' comment I can to make Xoti angry, since I don't think the God of Everything Needs to Go Away would care if one of his Priests was saying 'Religion needs to go away.' So, I'm thinking Xoti as pure priest and let her handle buffs/heals, Eder as Swashbuckler, the Watcher as a hybrid melee/caster, Fassina (because I like her and she can be really effective at higher levels, even without evocation, and Maia (if I go RDC) or Serafen (if I go Pirate), with a ranged focus on whichever I go with. I might also go: Xoti, Eder, Aloth, Fassina for lots of ranged blasting/heals. As for the suggestions, and again thanks for them, it could be fun to play a wizard with the touch spells as I typically don't use those. I hadn't thought of ranger, but a wolf or bear companion would feel wintery thematic. I've never played a watcher monk, so Helwalker could be interesting too.
  13. Is there truly an option to not fix the Wheel? If you don't fix the Wheel, in a generation, all you get for kids is hollowborn, and there's strong hints that won't last forever. Effectively, Eothas puts all of Eora on an extinction clock. At the end of Beast of Winter, if you talk to the Beast, Rymrgand basically says "I know what Eothas is doing, and I want him to succeed." He wants everything to end, and likely feels the Kith cannot remake the work of making the Wheel in time. On a side note, I wish you could tell Eothas that at the end. "You do know that Ryrmgand thinks this is a great idea, right? Are you /sure/ something /he/ thinks is good is the right choice?" So, even if there was leadership in place in the Deadfire, post PoE2, that decided that rebuilding the Wheel wasn't their thing, would the rest of Eora actually let that happen? Or would the rest of the world group up and just smash that group as a matter of mutual survival? I also think Abydon is a wild card. While he seems to join the gods chorus of 'Let the mortals figure it out', I have a hard time thinking that the God of Building Things would not step in in some way if it looked like the Kith would fail, and everything would die.
  14. This isn't your typical build advice request. I'm nearly done with my second full playthrough, just Ukaizo left, and I'm planning out my third. I want my Watcher to be a Priest of Rymrgand. The questions I have are: 1. Single or Dual? I do like my MC to be up front, and in melee at least sometimes. Obviously, I do want to be casting, but I don't want to just cast. 2. If Dual, what second class? I'm taking Chanter off the list, because as much as I love chanter, I want a MC that feels different from my last two. 3. Does anyone know any neat tricks around frost and/or corrode spells, since the bonus spells are flavored in that way? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  15. In turn based, weapon swapping takes a standard action, so other than move that's all you do for a turn. It could work, yes, if you initiate in melee, then the next round move away and swap. Black Jacket (I believe that's the correct warrior subclass) gets free action weapon swap, and there's a mod on Nexus that lets you either/or use the first money Berath's Blessing for that for the Watcher, or adds that functionality to the Arms Master passive (the one that unlocks an additional weapon set), and that can be used on the Watcher or companions. The concept for the build is fine. The idea behind it would work just fine in either TB or RTWP.
  16. I play Skald's all the time in turn based. It's my favorite/only class/subclass for my Watcher. Max Perception. You want to make sure you hit. High might, high int. I've read that int has breakpoints in TB, but I'm not sure if that is true. I wouldn't dump Dex, because while it is not as important as in RTWP, it does impact your round to round initiative. I don't like dumping resolve, but if your comfortable with it, I don't see it as an issue. Take 'Thrice she was Wronged and Thrice she was Avenged' at level 1. It melts groups. Dual Wield as well. I wouldn't limit yourself to one weapon type as there are a lot of interesting and cool weapons in the game, but in my turn based runs, DW has been by far the best way to go for any melee character. Note that I have never played Path of the Damned, so I don't know if the effectiveness of Skald would drop on that difficulty, but if I ever do play PotD, my Watcher would be Skald/something, since I like the subclass that much. I focus on offensive invocations and melee. If I want summons, I bring a second chanter for those as there are so many story companions with chanter options that I don't feel the need to have my Watcher summoning when she could be exploding a few badguys.
  17. re: chanters in TB. My first completed TB run had my watcher as a MC Skald/Bleak Walker, and I had no issues at all with phrase generation. Admitted, that could have been due to the MC combo, as I was DWing in melee, and using chants like Thrice She Was Wronged as insta cast, point blank AoE. I didn't try any summomings as that was not her role in the group. My core party was my MC, Barb Serafen, Druid Tekehu, and 2 Geomancers, Maia and a hired adventurer, which also gave me two pets, so I didn't feel the need for chanter summons. I found Skald to be very powerful in TB. I would imagine a summoner chanter, or a caster chanter, would be equally powerful, but I haven't played one yet in TB, so I can't be 100% sure. I suspect that the passive chants might be slightly weaker, due to what I think is slightly less linger, but the invocations were not weak in any way.
  18. I guess what I would do with a no sidekick, no repeat classes limitation, is probably this: Eder: Multi Fighter/Rogue. Aloth: pure mage or Serafen: pure ranged cypher - depending on which companion you like more. Xoti: Pure Priest. Maia: Pure Ranger if Aloth is there, Ranger/Mage if not. Then the MC as whichever melee you'd like. That gives two melee, three ranged, a mage, a healer, and seems balance to me. But, depending on your playstyle, likes in companions, etc, there are tons of options. For instance, I started a Valian playthrough yesterday and my core party will be my Watcher, a Brute (Corpse Eater Barb and Greatsword Devoted Fighter), Xoti (Pure priest), Pallegina (a herald, Pally/Chanter), Fassina (pure Wiz), and Ydwin, who I may MC and I may leave pure Cipher, not sure yet.
  19. Every point of conflict that can cause a story companion to leave is part of the story. If you choose to side against the RDC, Maia will leave. Of course, you, as the player, knows she works for the RDC. If you choose to side against the VTC, Pallegina will leave. Of course, you, as the player, knows she works for the VTC. If you choose to side with Huana, Takehu will leave. Of course, you, as the player, knows he is loyal to the throne and a local. If you choose to side with the Crookspur Slavers, Sarefen will leave. Of course, you as the player knows he is an ex-slave, and Serafen is very very very vocal about not working with slavers. If one of your companions leave, it's over choices you made, choices you had control over. That's the entire point to RPGs that make consequences matter. You make choices and they impact that playthrough. That's the why you're looking for. That's the entire point of having choices.
  20. I'm getting ready to do a sidekick only run, as soon as I figure out what I want my Watcher to be. After I do that, or even during it, I may be able to give thoughts about Fassina. I do have a plan in mind for here, focusing on Decay/Acid spells, since most are conjuration or transmuation, and that's a spell school I've wanted to explore for a bit.
  21. In turn based, it's not an issue at all. You can manually track the berserker's HPs by noting, on paper, what he has when he frenzies and then use the combat log to see how much damage he took if he is attacked. and update your paper note. In RTwP, that might still be possible, but would be much harder I would think.
  22. Up to level 7 now and in Neketaka now, Did some island exploring on the way, and I'm getting more comfy with the build. I think the monk part is the stronger half. At 6 and 7 I took 2 points in mechanics, 1 each in history and metaphysics. I added Clarity of Agony (6) and Lightning Strikes (7) for monk and Great Amira Let Her Wrath Be Shown and Ancient Memory (both 7) for Chanter.
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