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  1. Very nice. I'm aware that this build is pretty much fist oriented, but I can't help myself to stop wondering if this kind of build would work with a staff as well. Or dual wield crush dmg weapons. Willbreaker with modal too, perhaps.
  2. You´ve just made my day guys! Thank you. How would you distribute the stats? Something like this for the Berserker/Devoted?: Might 16 Consitution 10 Dexterity 15 Perception 15 Intellect 14 Resolve 7
  3. Hold on a sec. Is there some kind of mechanic with Devil of Caroc Breastplate that counters Berserkers confusion? I know it might sound stupid, but I´m really not that educated in the game. Edit: Yes, being in party is how I roll.
  4. Would you be so kind and elaborate more about the one-handed Stalker/Helwalker build? Just the weapon? No shield?
  5. Thanks guys. Very interesting new look at the weapon. Too bad they didn't focus more on the viability. As you said, the enchantments might be cool, but it doesn't feel like a good weapon in current state. LDV Is clearly superior. And Barbarian/Devoted or Barbarian/Monk looks definitely appealing. That static thunder gizmo can be really overpowering. I wonder how brutal it can be with Clear Out. Does carnage apply after landing a Clear Out? That would be hilarious.
  6. Hey guys, I'm wondering which builds are the best in utilizing Lord Darryn's Voulge and Wahai Poraga respectively. In party and RTwP. Thank you.
  7. Thanks. It was really just a little bit of whimsy from my part. I'm getting kinda overwhelmed by the attention, so I spammed this one out of curiosity.
  8. This discussion has been so exciting. Can't wait to start that new playthrough. Actually, one more questions... Berath Templar? With faith attuned summoned weapon? Just gonna throw it out there.
  9. Thank you. Can I just ask one more thing? How does the "faith attunement" work? I mean, what exactly happens if you don't follow respective subclass dialogue choices/dispositions? For the Bleak Walker to be precise.
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