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1 hour ago, NotBad said:

This game is such a hidden gem of fun, but also in the most frustrating way. I've read thelee's FAQ at least 3 times over



1 hour ago, NotBad said:

Is there a satisfying AOE martial class that is not a Barbarian? I am guessing a Mortar Monk as another option. Combat is so satisfying sometimes when I blow up a group of mobs, that I keep getting the urge to go all in on that. The Kitchen Stove Thunderous report attack is so satisfying to use.

sacred immolation in the paladin tree doesn't get a lot of love from many people, and it is a very finnicky ability, but for my current run i set pallegina up as a single-classed paladin and invested in that and sacred sacrifice and it has been a blast. the difference between level 12 and level 13 (when a single-class unlocks it) was game-changing for pallegina, went from slow tank, to glass cannon nuker.

i give her ring of focused flame, voidward, and back her up with triumph of the crusaders and sometimes champion's boon. even without champion's boon sacred immolation has such huge inherent penetration that you can melt even relatively hardy foes, and in trash fights, the triumph of the crusaders (coupled with some lucky procs from virtuous triumph) is enough to keep pallegina at full health and do more than a couple casts of the immolation.

paladins also have other aoe effects that might fit into your definition.


i think there are also some builds around whirling strikes for ranger, and dpending on your definition of "aoe", rogues can fit in with many different approaches (spells via trickster, aoe abilities like pernicious cloud, deep pockets to hold lots of scrolls and grenades, etc)


also if you're extremely patient, a monk with whispers of the wind is technically not "aoe" per se, but you'll still clear an entire battlefield pretty quickly.

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