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Because of reasons I dont fully understand myself, I never could properly get into this game, I just lost interest at Neketaka pretty much every new character I created because as much as I love the story and such, the combat just didn't catch my interest whatsoever.


However, with the recent release of Tun based combat, I'm finding myself enjoying the game a lot more than I did (which is weird because I usually hate turn-based systems), though a new problem has presented itself.


I have no idea what to play.


I tend to go for wizards or any kind of heavy arcane spellcaster in these kinds of games, but I don't really like how the "cast" type spells handle, which are most of the ones with any kind of oomph, and I dislike the lack of out-of-combat utility the wizard has.


So essentially, I'm asking for advice what build I should run. I like the idea of fighter-types but relying soley on weapons tends make the turns "smack this dude once, then wait for next turn." without much variation. I like the idea of healing, but I despise the cleric class, mainly because none of the gods really appeal to me.


I've been considering the monk, but from what I've heard they just seem so overpowered, and they also seem to have the problem with "smack dude, wait for next smack", albeit less so.


So any recommendations for a fun (doesnt need to be good necessarily) build that works on turnbased mode, I would appreciate wholly.


Edit: Forgot to mention, I'm pretty casual so I play on normal or hard.

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You can multiclass any melee with any caster to give you the options you looking for to avoid just hitting things with a weapon.


So multi a monk with a non mage caster. Druid can heal and are not clerics. So multi a monk druid.

Do the Monk hand to hand bonuses apply to shifter form?

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As mentioned briefly in my original post, I'd like to avoid monk if it all possible as I don't like them from a prefrence standpoint.


I've only tried multiclassing briefly in the game, but im getting the feeling that the 'multiclasses' will be very distinctly different from each other and not blend seamlessly at all, but maybe i've gotten the wrong idea.


I'm playing an eldricht knight in my current D&D campaign, and I'm curious if I can recreate his build on here.


Essentially, he's a high-mobility, lightly armored, hard-hitting (2-handed scythe weapon) fighter, using spells for ranged attacks and boosting defensive stats, as well some attack buffs, and as a primary source of mobility (misty-step, expeditious retreat, essentially fast blinks/teleports, movement speed increase, climbing stuff, etc.)


Lots of kudos to anyone that can suggest a build that could recreate that. I'd prefer turn based but if such a build exists, I'd easily do it RTwP.

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Look at the willbreaker build for some real damage + tankage.

But if you really want to cast spells and hit hard I'd do a Warlock as your main and then use Tekehu with the Storm build  -or-  a herald buffbot w/ sasha's scimitar set as companion buffing as his duo partner.




Pale elf

Dump resolve and con, pump perception might int with as much as possible left in dex.


The Willbreaker

Mask of the Weyc
Charm of bones

Devil of caroc BP (intel resist + health on crit enchants)

Voidward+Greater regen

Boots of the stone

The giftbearers cloth


Upright captains belt

Abraham or Nalvi as pet

Make sure you use body blows modal + brute force passive

Spells should be all the buffs and citzel's lance (the AoE can help), or you could also grab an AOE weapon for adds and a high pen (like estoc) for bosses.




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Disintegrate from ciphers is much better in TB than it was in real time, with Captain's banquet it does 160ish damage per round which is not to shabby compared to the damage most enemies can deal to you per round.

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I think you should try a soulblade/trickster - you will have high mobility, spells, buffs and also very high damage. However I don't know how it works in turn based combat.

I can't vouch for TB either, and I agree with Kaylon. Trickster/Soulblade is one of the most satisfying "magical fencer" types you can get in Deadfire for the reasons he mentioned. A lot of forum regulars don't like using Cipher powers with the kit but I find slotting a few (cheap and early) game changers makes it more engaging: Mind Blades for triggering Combusting Wounds, Whisper of Treason, Secret Horrors, and such.

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