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Daily wages bug still happen in latest patch



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Hey everyone,


The next time this happens for you, could you immediately grab the output_log.txt file and the latest save you used and send it to us at support@obsidian.net?  If needed, you can find instructions on how to find those here.  That output_log.txt file would go a long way on this one.


Thanks and sorry this is still occurring.

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Something is not being properly "cleansed" on a quickload.


I also still periodically get the daily wages bug, but I also now get a related issue with Rymrgand's challenge, where sometimes upon a quickload I get tons of "food spoiled" indicators.


I don't think wages are still being stolen, and I don't think food is spoiling multiple times over; I think it's a display issue. (Last time I got hit with the daily wages bug, it didn't look like I lost that much/any money; and by definition all the food that spoiled for me had already spoiled so I don't know what else could have spoiled). I'll nab an output_log and try to screenshot it next time this happens.

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