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  1. thelee's post in Solved Already was marked as the answer   
    ciphers always have recieved 50% of weapon damage as focus.
    you may have had drainign whip and/or been an ascendant, which significantly increased the amount of focus you got.
  2. thelee's post in [, possibly since 1.2] Maia keeps leaving party (MAJOR: sometimes kills off entire party!) was marked as the answer   
    Nope! As soon as I got the patch I loaded up this game and no more invisible Maia army leaving letters for me. Thanks!
  3. thelee's post in [1.1.1 and probably 1.2] skaen's spiritual weapon doesn't have lash on club (same bug as with magran's in 1.1.1) was marked as the answer   
    Noticed that the 1.2 full patch notes had the skaen spiritual weapon added to it. Verified in game. Thanks!
  4. thelee's post in [1.1.1] priest spiritual weapon (magran) appears to have no lash damage was marked as the answer   
    this works in 1.2 now, thanks!
  5. thelee's post in [1.1] Drunkard's Regret did not prevent hangover from Meppu was marked as the answer   
    I don't think this was in the patch notes in 1.2, but I just tested and it seems to work now. Thanks!
  6. thelee's post in [1.1] Priest of Wael's level 7 special spell gets added at PL6, not PL7 was marked as the answer   
    i see that this is fixed in 1.2. Thanks!
  7. thelee's post in [1.04] Music absolutely murdered by patch was marked as the answer   
    well WTF.
    I rebooted, and everything is working just fine now.
    GRRRRRRR I'm a software engineer and this kind of stuff makes me insane.
    Cue requisite IT Crowd "Have you tried turning it off and on" montage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nn2FB1P_Mn8
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