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As a note to anyone disliking the idea of Tiers. My reasoning for ordering it this way is because in other games, as a newcomer to the game, I have gotten great value of other peoples Tier lists when trying to theorycraft my own builds. This was my way of trying to add something of value to the Pillars community. Tier lists are of course problematic and someone with a lot of experience might take a lot of issue with any particular item on the list. Therefore I have tried my best to put my evaluation into context so people can make up their own minds. It was never my intention to come across as if I have the definitive answer on how this game is supposed to be played, I just wanted to provide a tool that people could use to further their (and my own) understanding of the game, while also sparking a discussion.

Any fluctuation of weapons between Tiers recently or are they pretty stable in their positions after any changes?

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Thanks so much for this resource, it is extremely helpful.

am thinking the most helpful part o' the thread is boeroer responses.  yosharian can get basics o' unique weapons from either o' the two active wiki sites for deadfire.  this thread does little than relist the uniques and assign arbitrary grades w/o benefit o' actual gameplay experience to support.  the volgue is a great example o' genesis poster's veneer-level analysis. in the hands o' any number o' barbarian builds, the volgue is potential a half-screen screen debuffing and vaporizing weapon.  the weapon has an aoe effect which is enhanced by barbarian carnage so that with even middling intellect you is affecting potential large numbers o' foes. in spite o' the inability to reach legendary, the volgue effectiveness actual increases with game difficulty if for no other reason than encounter design becomes increasing reliant on mobs.  etc.


can make similar observations 'bout a few other grades from the genesis poster.


am s'posing is a nice list if you not wanna wade through wiki.  however, am thinking there ain't much actual gameplay experience to support observations found herein.  if you are interested in a weapon based on this thread, we would highly recommend starting a new thread to ask for feedback, or do a search for threads or posts which may already have been written by folks who gots extensive gameplay experience with said weapon to support their observations.


starting point only.


HA! Good Fun!


ps  am knowing this post is gonna sound like harsh criticism, but it ain't.  the genesis poster clear put effort into the lists and grades, and the list is more clear than most wiki entries, 'cause let's be honest, the wiki is based on the less than clear obsidian entries for the weapons.  is a swell little list, but would kinda ignore the grades.

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