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The new Deck of Many Things DLC includes a chest with a whopping 24 mechanics requirement to open, containing the most expensive gear sold by the ship's captain.


I want it. Free.


I hadn't encountered a chest in the base game that didn't need more than thieves' putty to crack open, but that's not enough for this chest. Are there any other consumables, equippable items or inn resting bonuses that can boost my mechanics further?

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There’s a merchant in Periki’s Overlook who sells +2 mechanics gloves. You can also mod one of the inns to give you a mechanics bonus.

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There are gloves that give you +2 mechanics: Burglar's Gloves


They are in the chest you described...


Haha! Nah, kidding - you can buy them from Iolfr in Neketaka.




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Lol 24 mechanics?  Good luck.  I think there are some pets that increase mechanics as well maybe?  Truthfully without making a mechanics monkey character that puts the vast majority of their points there I don't see you making 24 through just buffs.


Besides, by end game you have money coming out your rear.  Just buy the stuff.

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You can use the console to give/take away money and then check the char sheet. I just can't remember the numbers. There's also an item that's getting better and better (giving up to +5 RES) the less money you have. I like those ideas. 

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Can also get a +1 boost to all skills for the Watcher by using Irwena's services. Between that, the putty and the Burglar's Gloves that's +5 on the main character.

The "Private Dance" resting option in the Wild Mare gives the whole party +1 on all skills.  It's the best bargain in the Deadfire. 

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This is a non-spoiler section of the forum, so I really can't say more than the following.  Maybe, just maybe, there is a different way to solve this problem. :)




By the way... Hope you have enough Stealth to actually be able to steal this stuff unobserved.  :thumbsup:

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There is a "hidden" wall in the enclosure with a Magma dragon gizzard stone, i would like to open it but without wound, it require 17 mechanic to properly open it with a chisel (source neoseeker). :(
Could someone confirm this hidden wall mechanic test is a solo test ? the companions are very very close to my watcher which have 10 Mechanic + 2 mecha with the gloves + 2 mecha balm (consumable) and i can't pass this check...

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