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  1. I understand this isn't the bug forum, but that doesn't seem to be frequented by staff anymore and it's unlikely we're getting any further patches. I'm hoping someone here has encountered this bug and can provide a solution, even if it requires installing a mod or using the console, because I literally cannot progress through the game anymore. After defeating the memory hoarder, you have to exit through the scriptorium back to the temple of revelation. As soon as I load into the new map, the egg hatches and prompts a dialogue. In this dialogue, I cannot use the number keys to select any of
  2. After defeating the memory hoarder, you have to exit through the scriptorium back to the temple of revelation. As soon as I load into the new map, the egg hatches and prompts a dialogue. In this dialogue, I cannot use the number keys to select any of the dialogue, but I can click on them manually. The camera also zooms into the center of the room, rather than on my character, unless I prompt concelhaut's head for a comment. Regardless of what I pick, the HUD doesn't come up and I cannot move my characters or interact with the world, though the NPCs do fidget and even talk (like Tayn's conversa
  3. In PoE1 I loved my death godlike cipher with his blunderbuss (back when they could get insane focus because each blunderbuss pellet was calculated separately). In PoE2 I had a lot of fun with a multiclass ascended cipher/streetfighter rogue who took advantage of the blunderbuss modal to make it so he was always "surrounded" even when at range. I'd be more than happy to play the game with that character again, but I haven't played since all the new subclasses were added and balance patches were done. I still definitely want one of his classes to be a gun-toting cipher (not necessarily an ascend
  4. The file was too big to attach. I tried uploading it here, let me know if this is enough. https://ufile.io/awe96
  5. Since patch 4.0 I don't seem to have Ydwin on my crew, I can't add her to my party... but she's also not at the sacred stair so that I means I recruited her.
  6. The new Deck of Many Things DLC includes a chest with a whopping 24 mechanics requirement to open, containing the most expensive gear sold by the ship's captain. I want it. Free. I hadn't encountered a chest in the base game that didn't need more than thieves' putty to crack open, but that's not enough for this chest. Are there any other consumables, equippable items or inn resting bonuses that can boost my mechanics further?
  7. That sounds like a very waelit thing to do Abydon wasn't made of metal until his girlfriend gave him a satellite-sized kiss, but most people expect his godlike to be metallic.
  8. Beyond the obvious: Magran=Fire, Ondra=Marine and Moon, Galawain=Nature, Hylea=Avian and Berath=death, we do have some hints at the other gods. Here is some incredibly early concept art for PoE 1. The godlike on the left doesn't really map to anything- the middle is clearly fire, the one on the right could be an early attempt at Marine godlike... but I'm going to guess that if Eothas has godlike, they look like the one on the left. I believe the Pillars of Eternity 2 guidebook mentions Skaen and Rymyrgand godlike: the Skaen Godlike, as others have said, resembles the effigy with black
  9. TBH I'd rather they have cut either Aloth, Xoti or Eder and made Ydwin a full companion. We need Tekehu, Pallegena, Maia and Serafen to represent one of the four factions in the world. Eder and Xoti are kind of redundant with eachother; both were included in part because of the influence of Eothas in the plot, but beyond being Eothasian they're kind of redundant with each other. Aloth also doensn't really have much to do with the game; his touchstones are Aedyr, the Leaden Key and Awakening, none of which factor much into the plot and the Leaden Key's involvement in this game are a footnot
  10. Sorry I didn't see this reply for a while. Let me try to attach one of my endgame saves from the game where Nungata was gone. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xI1uMZmcNzR5Xprs6S4NhbO_VqJbAIWy
  11. Nungata has seemed to disappear from Serpent's Crown and I cannot find her to turn in any bounties.
  12. Are you talking about Ukaizo? I'm right before finishing the game but I haven't pledged to one of the factions yet. Can I not gain access to his undead army for the final quest?
  13. Can I get the ghost ship going the Vailian route, and can I slap a menagery and/or captain's quarters in it?
  14. I don't know if this is an intended outcome or not, but here's what I did in my game. 1) Followed the Vailian questline and went to Crookspur. Killed the pirates there and freed both groups of slaves. 2) Went to Ori o Kohiki and spoke to Rusana. She informs me that the Ruataians have taken over the island, which I do not know is intended or not since I was not following the RTC storyline. 3) No matter what choice I select with her, she refuses to talk to me any longer. I cannot read her soul and continue Aloth's quest. 4) Furthermore, it seems intended that I can kill her by po
  15. I remember Josh mentioning in a pre-release stream there are one or two special boats you can get in the game. Has anyone found those boats yet? I'd rather earn a powerful ship than shell out a boatload of gold for one.
  16. Since starting this beta certain items- cloaks, Wizard grimoires and Eder's pipe seem to have a graphical bug shown below, but only zoomed in like in their inventory screen or while leveling up. Otherwise, on the models in-game, they're fine.
  17. The gods are very powerful magical beings. Berath returning your body to life is no different than a super powerful wizard doing so in another setting. The gods don't have divine mandate, just a ****load of power. Mandates come from power and the ability to use it.
  18. I'm thinking of some interesting builds involving barbarians and/or monks using the fury spiritshift, which has iirc a 10 or 15 foot range to its attacks, does shock damage and bounces to enemies. It's most logically a ranged attack, but if it's not I could imagine it proccing carnage and/or building up wounds for a shattered pillar monk. Has anyone tried it out on the beta and can tell me whether or not this is the case?
  19. Discounting the Frermas Canc Suolias who, as representatives of the pro-animancy republics, would support it, which paladin orders would support or discourage animancy? Kind of playing with an Inquisitor character who is like a rabid defender of animancy, not sure which sub-class to make him, though.
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