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UMM! You forgot something, Mirke...

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Especially considering he's walking around butt-naked through entire continents right now.

Which raises the question: Did the ancient Engwithans sculpt a shaft for the statue of Maros Nua?
Which raises another question, if they did, is Eothas perpetually 'rock-hard'?

Spoiler: He attacks with his junk in the final fight. It instakills your entire party unless you have some form of protection

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Imo, if Obsidian does patch in the fix, which it sounds like they will.


They should have a console only toggle to revert the change. Pretty sure never-undies Mirke is now the official community head canon.

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Huh, I thought orlans were supposed to be furrier.

She's a meadow orlan. It's the forest orlans that are furry. Or as the SLAVE MASTERS say, Hearth Orlans and Wild Orlans.


Isn't she the same type as Serafen? He sure looks furrier than her, she looks like a small blue human or elf.



Could be the effect of orlan testosterone. Maybe the boys are furrier. 

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The game lore and especially the game art is somewhat inconsistent as to exactly how hairy "hearth" and "wild" orlans actually are. Some "hearth orlans" are very furry, some are just people with ears. It may just be that there's a lot of person to person variation. The PC hearth orlan default texture has a light furry texture even on the face etc., but it's only really visible if you look closely.

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Or maybe Mirke just shaves.

Have you tried to shave when you're drunk like Mirke? Can't recomment it. Especially not the southern parts! 

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