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  1. Here are 2 examples It appears you can see through objects clearly. In the first image I have clearly see into the room and see there are clickable objects (the flag/mural and bodies) even thou the door isn't opened. If anything I would expect a hazy silhouette or light fog obscuring the room In the second image I am standing in the corner of the room and the room next to it is clearly visible (I can clearly see its shape and contents). I wouldn't expect to see anything due it to being a solid wall.
  2. [Description] Wizard's cloak is entirely white in main game screen: [Reproduction] Start a new game. Finish Character Creation. Observe that the back portion of BB Wizard's cloak is glowing a radiant white. [Expected behavior] BB Wizard's cloak should be this color: [Notes] Loading the game seems to fix this issue. Hence the second screenshot.
  3. I put the BB Fighter's Plate armor on my paladin character and it colored the breast plate the character's minor color while it doesn't do that for the BB fighter. My character is on the right (if you couldn't tell ).
  4. So I tried to make a character the other day based on the excellent portrait on the left here: I figured pale elf would be the best fit, however none of the skin tone choices availble seem appropriate. There's two shades of red/purple and two shades of brown. This seems very odd. Not a huge issue, but I'd appreciate being able to make a very pale pale elf. Thanks for your time!
  5. Just noticed that when walking near Hendyna's Apothecary, and pressing Tab to look for lootables, multiple magnifying-glass icons appeared over her apothecary sign.
  6. [Description] Inventory doesn't show my weapon when I open the inventory screen. Unequipping and reequipping fixes the issue. [Reproduction] Start a New Game Create a character (I made a Fire Godlike Barbarian with the "start with a greatsword" culture) Open Inventory Observe that weapon isn't shown [Expected Behavior] All equipped items should be shown when first opening inventory. [Notes] N/A
  7. Are the character/NPC/enemy models exactly 90 degrees in relation to the isometric plane they are walking and standing on? Right now, that plane seem to lean ever so slightly too deep towards the right lower corner, or, if you will, all models appear to be doing the Michael Jackson leaning dance-move! I've been telling myself, it's just me imagining things, but I measured the vertical angle and the floor, and something is not right. They are not exactly 90 degrees relative to each other. EDIT: This effect is easiest to study at the Dracogen, since it's confined and have that nice woo
  8. The Spell Chill Fog attaches a graphical effect to targets hit by, this effect is massive and when mutiple characters are suffering it it'll dominate the whole screen making seeing what is going on very difficult. Here is an example:
  9. Blood splatter graphics can appear in locations nowhere near the target hit, sometimes even through walls. I've not found many good occasions to screenshot this behavior but I do have this one: In this image there is a puddle of blood splashed next to BB Rogue, BB Rogue has not even gotten hit in this encounter nor is she hitting a target close to her. There should not be a blood splash there. [steps to reproduce] 1. Engage in a combat in the skaen dungeon 2. Pay close attention to the blood splatter [Expected behavior] Blood splatter should appear near or below the tar
  10. DESCRIPTION: I'm finding this hard to describe so maybe just skip ahead to the screenshots but here goes: Orlan head #3 has a hairstyle that is treated as part of the head. Choosing hair options other than #1 (bald) displays that style under the "default" style. The result is an ugly mess. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Example: 1) Start chargen 2) Select Orlan as your race (either hearth or wild) 3) Select head #3 at appearance. 4) Cycle through the different hair options 5) Notice that hair options are displayed "underneath" head #3's "default
  11. [Description of the issue] The standard (not fine quality) Morningstar is mostly transparent. Example: 1) Create Barbarian. 2) Select Old Valia as your Culture. 3) Your equipped Morningstar is nearly invisible. 4) This is also the case after character creation when viewed on the inventory screen. [Expected behaviour] Without appropriate magical enchantment weapons should be opaque.
  12. Not a major issue, but after playing the game for a while, scrolling and character movement starts to stutter at regular intervals. It seems like level transitions are causing some kind of frame rate desync. Anyone else experiencing this?
  13. [Description of the issue] After looking at the map(M) the graphics skew on me with the horizontal axis no longer in ratio with the vertical Characters are offset from the blue circles and then appear to walk through walls and buildings in the village as the paths don't match the overlay The far right hand edge of the screen has a thin strip where the graphics are normal [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Open the Map (M) using either the key or clicking on the button After the map is closed, the graphics skew This occurred in both the village and
  14. [Description of the issue] When looting containers near the edge of the current screen, the loot box that appears will be partly off screen. It becomes necessary to move the viewport to access the items. See the image below. [steps to Reproduce] Start a game and attempt to access a container near the edge of the screen. [Expected Behaviour] Ideally, the container loot box would appear entirely on the current screen. Having it appear off the screen ends up being rather useless. [Other Remarks / Comments] This isn't so much a bug report as it is a usability item. It works we
  15. Not quite sure what caused this, but you can load the save and see for yourself 1) Load save 2) Notice the extra weapons attached to weird locations on the characters 1be9164e867449eea10f222b1f177122 DyrfordRuins 7705039.zip As a bonus, also notice that the Paladin (1rst character) has like half a million empty action slots when you click on him.
  16. [Description of the issue] Wizard spell Essential Phantom makes the Wizard portrait dissapear from party roster, makes him unselectable (selecting his model defaults to selecting the PC), inmobile and uncontrolable (he just stands there, the same as his duplicate). Note: I have 6 party members as I recruited a chanter. As pictured: This originally happened in the Skaen Temple but Ive been able to reproduce it everywhere else. The picture is after combat. After casting the spell, while still having the Wizard selected, you can open his inventory though he doesnt apear with the
  17. So during combat the characters and enemies are displaced from their circles. Which makes selecting anything just about impossible. Jpg attached,
  18. Not sure exactly how you get those items, possible some at Winfrith's shop, and possible somewhere in the Skean temple. Type 1, displaying the hook version Type 2, displaying the rope version Expected: There is a duplicate here. Use one consistently throughout the game, update all scripts invoking the Rope and Grappling Hook, and get rid of the other entirely, otherwise this leads to potentially lots of broken scripts and clutter in leveled lists etc... This is possibly why a lot of people report failing the grappling hook check at the bridge.
  19. If you go to the Skaen temple and open up your map, the stone cover thing will not be displayed, instead you'll see a big giant hole. 1) Create game 2) Head east to Skaen temple 3) When close to the entrance, open up the map 4) Notice the big round hole, without cover. Expected: Before opening up the path, the stone cover should be shown on the map. After it's been opened, the stone cover should be slightly shifted, showing the crevasse/stairs.
  20. In the area east of Dyrwood, I was engaging 2 Forest Lurkers next to a corpse. In the middle of the fight, possibly at 8PM or whenever the moon aura kicks in, the corse got up, seemingly possessed by the aura, and started swinging in front of him then collapsing, over and over again. Or it might have been triggered by the aura once I fell below a certain health/stamina treshhold. Step for reproduction as, as far as I can tell, 1) Create Moon Godlike 2) Walk to the Forest Lurkers, engage them, positioning your Moon Godlike close to the corpse, and let them damage until the aura k
  21. [Description of the issue] Interaction cursor (pick up loot cursor?) is shown in places where there's no interaction in Dyrford Village map and in Mill interior map. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] -Start a game; -Look to the attached screenshots; -Point the cursor in the same places you'll see in the screenshots; -Try to interact when the cursor changes; -Notice how no interaction is possible. [Expected behaviour] Something should happens when clicking in these places, or the cursor shouldn't change while hovering on these specific
  22. [Description of the issue] If you create a nature godlike character you can't change the hair colour, but if you first try to make another race and choose a hair colour, the hair colour of the nature godlike is the last choosen hair colour of the previous race [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Select a nature godlike during character creation 2) Note that the hair colour is brown. 3) choose a class, attributes a background and see that you can't change hair colour of a nature godlike. 4) go a few steps back now choose a wild orlan, the default hai
  23. [Description of the issue] Some of the head/body combos don't have their neck seams aligned properly. See the attached image (Death Godlike head, human body). [steps to Reproduce] Play a Death Godlike with given head and human body type. Remove armor and observe the character model in the level up screen. [Expected Behaviour] Head and body should mesh better. [Other Remarks / Comments] Happens with other head/body combos as well. Possibly most of them.
  24. [Description of the issue] After teleporting to another location the Rogue┬┤s model becomes invisible and takes no damage from enemies, not even poison. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Bring roude to a large group of enemies (Spiders in thsi case) 2) Once combat has started and the Rouge is being engaged, make her jump/escape to a point across the mob of enemies (we are taling about 10 or so meters) 3)Repeat until bug is achieved. Having the rest of the party dead may help. [Expected behaviour] The rogue apearing on the targeted spot and oper
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