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  1. I guess I am not surprised after all the issues with the beta and redemption of the Kickstarter that the release on CoG ends with a "cutsey" webpage saying that they are overwhelmed and I can't redeem my keys. And from the tweets Obsidian doesn't seem to have a clue.
  2. So during combat the characters and enemies are displaced from their circles. Which makes selecting anything just about impossible. Jpg attached,
  3. Picked up the "exceptional sabre", equipped it to the BBRogue, during combat it deals 0 damage. [Expected] should deal some damage
  4. After completion of fight in "cave" BBRogue went into "convulsions" and no longer responds. Saving and reloading the game fixed the issue.
  5. reloading since one of the henchmen wouldn't move on the map caused the game to crash. Files attached, report.zip
  6. 1. When you first enter the Lle a Rhemen map the game slows down, there is a pulsing loot container through the Stoneface arch that seems to be the issue. Exiting the map (back up the stairs) and reentering it causes the loot container to go away and the game is responsive again. 2. Using the grappling hook descend to the lower level. In the center area you can not go north to access the "secret" wall. Characters are blocked by the pillar.
  7. So when I exit a building or load a game, I might lose something from my inventory...but if I look somewhere on the map I will find container(s) that have duplicates of the last thing I found from combat drops or what I lost. Doing this repeatedly could make one very wealthy...
  8. Exiting any building causes the game to randomly freeze (looking at about 40% of the time). 1. Click on the door icon 2. Get blank screen with Loading down in the lower right. 3. Music continues to play but screen never loads. 4. Esc will bring up the menu but if you choose continue or load a game then journal is wiped. 5. Have to quit the game and restart and hope when you load it that instance will work. Repeat as necessary to be able to actually exit a building. Tried it 10 times and still can't exit the dang buidling...sigh...restart number 11.
  9. During combat the BBRogue went 'rogue" and spent the entire combat doing nothing but "deactivating finishing blow" even after she was knocked unconscious it continued to pop up continually in the combat tracker.
  10. During combat when you click on the BBPriest or BBWizard to bring up their skills or spell lists you get either the BBRogue list, the BBWizard or BBPriest list instead of the actual list pertaining to the hireling you are trying to use. Makes combat "fun".
  11. If you try and move an item from the stash and you are not in a rest area it locks you out from doing anything else. 1. Take an item in your stash and try to move it to an inventory slot. 2. Get an error message "you must be in a rest area to access that slot" 3. Can't put it back into the stash. 4. Can't close the inventory window. 5. Game does not respond to any shortcut keys including esc to bring up the menu. 6. You are locked and can't continue. 7. Have to actually call up task manager and kill the game session. Back to starting over yet again.
  12. After loading a saved game my journal is now blank. No quests etc. which as far as I can tell means no experience for completing those quests. When I go to the individuals who give the quests the dialogue tree indicates I have already received the quest. WIth all the other issues this is closer to ALPHA level software than Beta.
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