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  1. The rest button seems to have become permanently greyed out in my game. I can rest in inns, but not out in the world. I noticed that this has happened to other players in the past, is there a known solution?
  2. Hello, It's an marvelous game but i have 2 bug. -When i was in the OathbindersSanctum-FourthFloor in the Xurip nest the sky wyrm pet was not there, even if i did not kill the sky dragon in the history. -Second bug is on my last save every time i finish the fight and click on loot all and continue the game freeze and the computer said after multiple minute the programm did not respond. I attach all the output log and send the save by email at support@obsidian.net Thank you output_log.txt
  3. Dear developers, Firstly thank you for helping make such a wonderful game which I have had so much fun with! But I just wanted to make all aware of a bug with the Suppress Affliction spell. My understanding is that this spell should suppress any affliction in an AoE for its duration. However, in my case this does not seem to work at all. In fact, what happens is that the suppress affliction LENGTHENS the duration of any preexisting CC. Luckily I managed to record this on a recent stream: https://clips.twitch.tv/RealGleamingSalmonJonCarnage Here is a link to my savegame for testing: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1x5j86SRQdYqVbrwR2mOwY25f2QbpPPKF/view?usp=sharing Steps to reproduce the bug: 1. Cast any affliction on a party member 2. Cast suppress affliction. 3. Observe that the affliction isnt removed and duration of affliction is extended. I hope this can be addressed soon! Thanking you in advance! Best Wishes Viggy
  4. Enemies with the Fire Immunity buff are also improperly immune to the piercing damage when shot by the Dragon's Dowry Arquebus. I'm not talking about enemies with "Immune" as their listed amount of Fire armor, these enemies will still properly take the piercing damage. Enemies with the Fire Immunity buff are completely unaffected by shots with Dragon's Dowry, presumably because it does a small portion of its damage as fire. When shot with the weapon a popup flashes that they are Immune, and the entire shot has no effect on them. This is in v4.1.2.0047.
  5. I used "move fast" and moved Amiri and Valeros to a new location after an encounter which had left my hand empty, but I can't end my turn once in the new location because I can't reset my hand. I'm currently in "sandpoint under siege" I moved from waterfront to town square I think I had just encountered the villain Amiri has the juggernaut role Let me know what other info might be useful. Also, if I forfeit now will I lose Amiri permanently because her hand is empty? Please let me know how I can get unstuck. Thanks!
  6. I am going to attach a crash file here that your software created for this purpose so that you can review it. 1) It happened in a saved-game file saved in, after the game was loaded in 2) Description of the save: had just made port in Nantucket(sp?--try not to laugh too hard...I simply cannot recall the exact name of the port... ), and had defeated the harbor lord's edict to leave port--by way of my spiritual proxy summoning spirits of the dead to scare them off (and quite effectively at that.) Saved the game at that point in Bug manifested when I loaded that game in upgraded through the GOG Galaxy update mechanism. 3)Description of the bug: after loading saved game as recounted in (1) above, for some reason my entire party was moving at 2x normal speed--instead of normal walking--and when I used the non-combat speed-up option, bizarrely, the entire party was flying everywhere at 4x normal speed--resembled a horde of enraged yellow-jackets swarming!... All controls functioned--I could toggle non-combat speed-up between 2x and 4x fine--but under no circumstance would movement return to normal walking--which I assume is 1x speed. Pressed every option button known to the game and then some, all to no avail. So this is the bug. See attached crash files. 4) I have already overwritten the saved-game file, apologies. One of those "delete before you think" situations. (Actually I overwrote it with another save.) 5) However, I had other saves from the same version which I loaded, as per (1) above, at almost the same place--and none of them exhibited the same bug at all--so that's the good news, I suppose. All of the subsequent saves and reloads in 4.1.1.xx were free of the bug. 6) I have not experienced this bug since. Hopefully your crash files will be of some help! It looks like a one-off to me, but then there might be something in the code you would care to fix, etc. ALRIGHTY, then...your uploader refuses to let me upload anything, even a .rar file 44kb in size--far, far smaller than one megabyte. I have used the standard uploader and your flash uploader--to the same end--I am refused uploads on any files, regardless of file extension. 'Kay. I tried. Query: What is the point of providing instructions on bug finding that don't work? Please advise. Thanks.
  7. While fighting Jungle Lurkers in the Hohina Ravine on Tehiwai Islands I encountered a soft lock. My best guess is that Mage Slayer is successfully interrupting a spellcast but this is causing turn based combat to break. Unfortunately the combat log does not offer an indication of a spell being interrupted here, though it would if I was using the pet boar and still it would soft lock so long as there are spell disruption stacks. I have not encountered this problem before this point due to either luck or bursting down an enemy before or after their spells had been cast. This is on Veteran difficulty (solo, Eothas and Berath challenge) and can happen even with the pwgra if they attempt to cast something while there are spell disruption stacks. A screenshot
  8. As title, boarding Ond's ship and killing him counts as Oheiro; this progresses the Oheiro bounty as it drops Triumph of Oheiro instead of Triumph of Ond. Here is a save after defeating both Ond and Oheiro, with two Triumph of Oheiro and no Triumph of Ond: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TqlANHHWPmpJdpKLtkaY8wNcCDeZElyv Possible related information: When hunting Oheiro for the related bounty, Ond veered off-course to attack. Entered the scripted interaction and rushed until I could board. When the opening camera pan began, the game froze and needed to be terminated (this is a rare bug that I reported last year on Steam but was ignored while all "cosmetic bug" reports I had made were acknowledged at that time). Reopened the game and loaded the autosave, which then panned and started the battle as intended. Here is the autosave from the Ond battle, just in case (Oheiro is still alive and nearby after the battle): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RtYcvd1sbfwo5incqri6gwBLit0OD_7o
  9. When clearing a Pool of Memory trial on Kazuwari (for me it was Trial of the Changeling) characters that end combat flanked will still be considered flanked after exiting the challenge. This flanked condition doesn't clear on restart or rest. The only way to clear the condition is by entering combat, getting flanked, and then getting "un-flanked", so to speak. As proof of this condition here's a google drive link to a zip file containing two saves: one from before the glitch, and one from after the Trail of the Changeling. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mh45jsS6shNPxrn6X_8zhumh8ZSyOyev/view?usp=sharing
  10. If the stacking Mageslayer debuff on a target interrupts a spellcast the spell still goes in the turn queue but since it was still interrupted it never resolves meaning you have to load the game or hard quit. To see if the game would resolve this I left this combat encounter running for 2 hours and nothing happened, and I was able to recreate it again today against the same encounter.
  11. I first encountered this bug when walking downstairs in the Kraken's Eye after resolving the rent dispute. In that particular case, Eder was unaffected, but the rest of the party could not path to the door. Since I could get to the bar, I made an adventurer and that newly created character could also not path to the door. I had to start over, as my auto-saves were all consumed by walking up/downstairs trying to see if that would clear the bug. I reproduced it again in the first area when I re-started the game. - Fast mode was still enabled during the first ship combat. (Potentially undesired functionality here as well) - Started walking around on the beach after the shipwreck. - My characters were unable to path to the area on the left side of the trees from the bridge out of the area. This persists when saved, so if I generate the bug again, I will post a save game.
  12. Hi i just started the turn based game and is so good. I have a question , in the zone where Oswald the Debt guy of the Neketaka quest in the woedica sanctuary i enter a dark room whit dark bloobs in a pool of dark liquid..... when i used some light in the room , i equip the Xoti Lamp .... and lol in the Corner there is a very Big dark creature and does nothing.....he just watch.... i want to know more about this ... is a bug ? or some creepy guy. just want to know if its a bug or other people can see it with the proper light , i cant kill it :D steam photo https://steamcommunity.com/app/560130/discussions/0/1780513643851686323/
  13. Just bought game two days ago, and the 3 DLC's for $30 more. 5 hours into a session the game crashes. No big deal..... the game doesn't F$%#@ng autosave for ironman mode. Would have to replay 5 hours I just did. I see online this has been a problem since launch and developers never addressed it. Tried to get a refund on steam but because I'm over 2 hours, no dice. Out $80. I'm not going to replay those 5 hours again when a crash can happen anytime and there is no way to save progress without occasionally save-exiting the game. Is there anyway to go back to just before the crash in the game files? If not is there anyway to get my god damn money back. It's not like i was googling looking for this specific issue when I bought the game. For the developers: Crash happened in the middle of talking to the 5 gods for the first time. When it keeps alternating which one is colored in when they speak. Spent a long time trying to find the crash file, and it appears it wasn't created?
  14. Description: Venom debuff: [-x% Action Speed (y duration)] from Memory Hoarder enemy persists after combat ends. Effect has a duration, but does not tick away. In the main UI, Venom debuff shows on all affected characters, and character sheet/summary shows "Venom" debuff under Current Effects. All characters in range, including player, premade, and custom characters are affected. Resting has no effect on debuff. Debuff has a duration, and duration is unique to character, but does not decrease. Not clear if effect is actually active, or if it's just a visual/UI bug. No console commands seem to affect debuff. Steps to Reproduce: Engage "Memory Hoarder" enemy in Forgotten Sanctum" map/zone with melee characters. All characters in melee range will receive debuff during fight with Memory Hoarder. Kill Memory Hoarder while debuff is still active, and debuff appears to persist. Save Game not available at the moment - a) Savefile too large to attach, and b) I attempted to fix this with Console commands, which overwrote Save prior to issue. Issue is very repeatable though. This is the 3rd time I've had melee characters suffer from this. output_log.txt
  15. First of all sorry for my english not my first language. So I've noticed that if you attack out of stealth using an ability and you kill the target, then all enemies around that target will not register your presence. You can then proceed to damage them even not being stealthed and they do nothing.The good example are the skeletons in the Sea Cave because they easily oneshoted.
  16. I think that's the correct number for what it did, I didn't catch what number the site rolled because I was distracted by "why is there a sure rolling?" In any case. Sajan explored the Goblin Fortress, recruited a Guide (with the help of Kyra's blessing), explored again with the Rooster, encountered Goblin Commando. Dice rolled to increase the difficulty (I think two, but not sure anymore), then it rolled a d4 and did d4+1 ranged damage. And now he's going to die. I mean permadeath be like that sometimes but it sucks losing him to a bug. Info: Android 5.0.1 Galaxy S4 Permadeath on, pass & play off Approach to Thistletop, Legendary difficulty, Alert Guards and Driving Rain Party: Kyra and Sajan, in that order, both at Goblin Fortress
  17. Some interface elements which should be hidden are visible when playing on a widescreen monitor (in this case Samsung 49" CHG90 Gaming Monitor 3840x1080) see attached image edit: appears the ui elements get hidden correctly after combat ends. Thanks for adding a TB mode, having that option is awesome ^^ Just started TB mode, looking forward to seeing the game play out in a new perspective Cheers!
  18. So, I'm getting a bit miffed. Forbidden Fist subclass is pretty much useless due to the duration bug with Forbidden Curse. No-one is going to play that class. And it will make new players who choose it despair and give up on the game in frustration. Cause: The subclass cannot generate enough wounds to use abilities. Henceforth it will be a class that mainly will use autoattacks. The issue is best explained in the three pictures attached. It's the starting fight with Benweth and his pirates. On FIRST use of Forbidden Fist, these things happen. 1) Damage breakdown: It applies an extra 25% damage. Which strangely is in red text. If you talk to the dev who designed the concept he/she will likely agree that this is wrong. It should apply the 25% extra damage on second curse stack. 50% on third stack, ete cetera. But not on first uncursed use. 2) Combat log. The curse duration is way way way too long for a first use. Waiting 19 seconds (best scenario) for your next wound, leads to a max of 3 wounds pr minute unless you get other debuffs on you. This duration happens because the curse doublestacks the duration with the following formula (10secsonds + 10seconds - resolve). This is bugged! Or very very badly designed. Like totally drunk-designed. Falling-down-barstool-drunk-designed. If intended. 3) The curse description is correct here. 25% extra damage on next use of Forbidden Fist. But the duration is way way too long. 4) Might bonus (over 10) means you take more damage from the curse. Intelligence bonus (over 10) extends the curse duration. This needs fixing. You need to overhaul the Forbidden Curse implementation. The subclass is - as of 4.1 - still unplayable. PS. Sorry for the slightly aggravated tone. But it's been broken the whole time and I know that others and I have posted about these bugs before.
  19. I just started a new game on turn based mode, when you come back to life you are wearing clothes but can pick up some armor and weapons before heading up to the fight. I switched to armor and then back to clothes and that caused my character to change her look, the hair became white, the skin color became either white or just very bright and my character got taller. I tried it a few times and it seemed to happen every 3rd or 4th time I switched to clothes. I was unable to make the bug happen again after the boat fight or after reloading the game.
  20. After getting Kalakoth's Freezing Rake as a Trickster Rogue, the ability appears to be usable anywhere on a map. The normal iconography would imply not - you get the usual range circle, but if you actually click anywhere (whether it's a "can't see" icon or just "too far" icon), the spell just casts and affects the given area. This is Mac GoG version - game was started back in 3.x days, but I don't know whether it was a problem then or not as I discovered this purely by accident. The save file is 6M so can't upload it here; I can link to it from external if you actually need it. I've attached an image showing the rake activating in the sky over Periki's Overlook, being cast from outside the Adra Bath House. This does not affect any of the other ranged trickster abilities (e.g. "Gaze of Adragon" or "Wall of Many Colours")
  21. Hello, I am on my second playthrough (love the game) and ran into the bug of missing the "talk" option with the sword Modwyr (I have all three main DlCs and version Since this bug has been known for a while, I suspected it might be something with my installation or save file. After playing around a bit with my saves, I noticed that the bug very likely occurs independently of mods i have installed: I always lose the "talk" option with Modwyr after I sell it and buy it again. The problem is, on my current save I sold it accidentally. I guess all left to do for me is to roll back to a save where I have not sold Modwyr. Or can I do something about it on my current save? Maybe with the console mod? (Below is a onedrive-link with a 7z archive containing: my save file, the latest output_log and pictures of the bug and my Deadfire installation folder (I include this last one because I remember that I at some point started to use GOG Galaxy on top of a manual GOG installation and I wonder if my installation looks wierd because of it... but I've never experienced any problems in 1.5 playthroughs). https://1drv.ms/u/s!AoFirKO3NY-YgQoIbq4mqJEB0_GU)
  22. Haven't played in a while and only a little since the dlc so I am not sure when this changed happened but all ship encounters are now showing up like this for me. Tried verifying the game files but the issue persists.
  23. Hello! Doing some testing I found this weapon disappeared when I killed enemies. I believe it stayed on hit but most of the enemies I tested on kept getting 1 shot so I would have to try somewhere else. Edit: Just rechecked on guards and it does disappear on hit. Edit 2: I guess it's supposed to do this.
  24. Hi, as title: when you pick the PL 9 ability Empowered Strikes on a Monk and use (empowered) Whispers of the Wind nothing special will happen. No +100 PEN and no +100 ACC. Nor on the first attack neither the following. If I use Stunning Surge (for example) it works. In addition, the other "Empower-Abilites" (+1 PEN, +10 ACC and so on) that you can take at PL 7 also do nothing with Whispers of the Wind. Find a Monk (MC) with those abilities here in my savegame and try it out: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tcwpf6g07ik0k5t/Hyleon%20%28f9c897b3-bd46-4c0e-9148-d236ebfea8c2%29%20%28LAX-123ABCDEFG%29%20quicksave.savegame?dl=0
  25. Hi, I'm playing with Aloth. He's lvl 20. When I summon an Essential Phantom it has 34 accuracy: 25 base and +9 from level. That can't be right. Before that it had really high accuracy. I noticed the same with another character I played solo before (Geomancer): loaded up the savegame and the same problem there. I had similar problems with an Ancient whose unique shroom summons would not scale their stats correctly - don't know if that's related. Find my savegame here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tcwpf6g07ik0k5t/Hyleon%20%28f9c897b3-bd46-4c0e-9148-d236ebfea8c2%29%20%28LAX-123ABCDEFG%29%20quicksave.savegame?dl=0
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