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  1. Fake News: Those making the claim have a vested political interest, are known to lie to the public for political purposes in the past, have presented the public with ZERO hard evidence, and are also known for being incompetent; getting massive amounts of information wrong. No intelligence agency has actually checked to see if Russians of any variety (much less Kremlin connected) engaged in cyber attacks since the DNC refused to allow the FBI to do so. What investigation has been done on the matter was done by a private company known as Crowdstirke. A company known to be incompetent and having a vested interest in the well being of Ukraine. Totally unreliable source of information, and even they didn't establish that these "Russians" (zero hard evidence that Russians of any kind did anything; VPNs are NOT proof) have ties to the Kremlin. That is 100% speculation. Do not take speculation as facts. TL;DR: Moronic liars with an anti-Russian bias make a claim based on guesswork and a game of telephone with moronic liars with an anti-Russian bias. Until actual HARD EVIDENCE has been released to the public; any claim the intelligence community makes regarding Russia should be considered a lie by default.
  2. I love my girlfriend. I am objectifying "my girlfriend". Just to be clear. I use blue text when I'm just screwing around. I realize objectification isn't about de-ghosting people. Yeah that's something else all together. That's probably clever, but I don't get it.
  3. I love my girlfriend. I am objectifying "my girlfriend". Just to be clear. I use blue text when I'm just screwing around. I realize objectification isn't about de-ghosting people.
  4. The word 'objectification' amuses me. An object is something that is visible and can be touched. So unless women are all ghosts until the patriarchy de-ghosts them then they are always objects and 'objectification' isn't a thing.
  5. Alex Jones needs to be an FMV actor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myJA9BcgB6Q
  6. It's like an arcade version of the NES classic, Kung Fu. Too easy though.
  7. Such worthless banana-pineapple on pizza eaters don't deserve to live; not when good men die.
  8. Trump's missile attacks in Syria are a disgrace. Period. I don't care if Assad used chemical weapons or not. If only Rand knew how to win elections well.
  9. When you spend your teen years trying to not get murdered you go zen or you go nuts. Only the lack of kill xp in rpgs brings out the inner madness buried deep in my soul. Yes. Though according to him they're not full fascist quite yet. They're still developing. They might moderate as they get older, or get to his level. Time will tell. The deciding factors might turn out to be: A) Whether or not social justice warriors go away. If SJW's go away the borderline nazis will likely moderate their views; if not we're in trouble. SJWs are so obnoxious they might doom the planet to nazi control. I'm gonna be pretty steamed if they do. B) Whether we engage in more stupid middle eastern wars. I suspect there is a connection between the endless middle eastern wars and the growth of alt-lite ideology in the military.
  10. Ah, I see. Israel is at the heart of the Abrahamic religions, so they some wiggle room on religious grounds. Still, for all that, Israel is hardly a major world power... Anyway, it sounds like you have a dysfunctional family. Must make family dinners awkward... Not so much. The oldest brother has gotten the mental help he needed and is now totally functional and is completely healthy now. I don't hold any grudge against him, he was literally insane; it's not like it was his fault. The universe just screwed him and me by proxy. And "Bob" may be a nazi, but we don't have to agree to get along. Family dinners are actually quite harmonious.
  11. Basically, in the US Israel has a very strong lobby due to a few factors, one of them being evangelical religious zealots being commanded to support Israel in the christian bible. Evangelicals are a huge voting base for the republican party, so republicans cater to Israel. At the same time, the democratic party has a lot of wealthy Zionist donors, so Israel gets catered to by the Democrats as well. This creates the illusion that Jews control more than they really do. What is a product of happenstance is taken as conspiracy.
  12. I just noticed that your location is Japan. That is actually relevant because he considers Japan to be a successful example of an ethno-state. Would it be fair to characterize Japan in such a way? Or is he totally off base?
  13. Nah. He's at the, "Holocaust is a lie" phase, hasn't reached the, "But I wish it were true" phase. He believes the following: A) Modern western society is degenerate and needs reform back to traditionalism. B) Certain races, especially blacks, are ethnically inferior to whites and the US needs to be divided into four nations based on race. He also said that the north-east should be the white part; which is an odd choice considering that the north east is really ethnically diverse. Seems like the north-west would be better, but then again he lives in the north east so that might be his personal bias. C) That Jews are more intelligent than whites and thus more successful hence why they control the media and basically the world, that they deliberately look out for Jewish interests at the expense of whites. He's held off on calling them outright evil, but he sees them as a racial foe. Though he considers them enemies due to circumstance; not as inherit foes. Again, he was the leftist between us. What happened???
  14. I will leave out some important details, but what I tell you guys is 100% accurate; even if some things are left out. I have two older brothers. The oldest, I've talked about before. He's crazy and tried to kill me. Now, I've never mentioned the details or how I survived, but it was due to the intervention of the middle brother; let's call him, "Bob". Anyway, "Bob" is superior to me in every possible way. He's smarter than me, more likeable than me, more fit than me, everything. In fact, he is almost unnaturally good at just about everything. Heck, he's almost as good as me at video games, and he barely plays them (keep in mind I've played games at the professional level). It's really weird how he's practically better than everyone at everything. When he was 17 he joined the military. Due to his gifts, when he was deployed (twice) into Afghanistan he was given a lot of responsibility, went on WAY more missions than normal, has a zillion medals, and was given special access to classified information. Seriously, my mom and my brother were interviewed by the FBI who asked them about his character and asked if he could be trusted. I was never asked for some reason. "Bob" is also married with a child. At two years old it had become clear that she is a special needs child. This was a huge factor in "Bob's" decision to leave the military. You may be wondering, "What's creepy about this story?" Well, here it comes. "Bob" was rising in the ranks faster than normal. There are certain limits he couldn't reach until he had spent more time in the military, I don't know why, but that is the situation. If he had stayed in the military I am completely sure he would've ended up VERY high rank. Back in the day growing up we were both interested in politics. I was rightwing, he was leftwing. I don't know what the military did to him, but HE IS A FULL BLOWN NAZI now. I am NOT a leftist. I do not accuse people of this without due cause. This is not hyperbole. He is a nazi. A "moderate" nazi, but a nazi none-the-less (he wants to "red-pill" me on the J-Q). Also, according to him, and I've no reason to doubt him, a lot of the people of a similar position as him have similar views and are almost as radical as he is. So uh... A nazi almost got extremely high rank in the most powerful military in the world, and according to him a lot of people who will have massive sway in like 20 years are borderline nazis. Neat, huh?
  15. Hey, I'm pretty bored. You guys wanna hear a super disturbing but 100% true story? EDIT: Seems no one's online right now. Good news for you guys, that spared you from my story.
  16. They were taken out before they got to do any damage to innocent people. Lucky break for society, and serves them right. Hopefully other Oklahoma would-be victimizers will think twice thanks to this reminder that the innocent aren't helpless cattle waiting to be slaughtered.
  17. All that and you have to take into account how many more pro-lifers there are compared to muslims. When basically half the country are pro-life it's obvious that there is going to be more terrorist attacks from them. Compare the per-capita and it doesn't look so good for muslims anyway. Even worse since starting with 1970 is stupid to begin with. At their per-capita rate if there were as many muslims as pro-lifers in the US it should be around 1050 attacks since 1970. A much more serious problem even if you excluded the difference in damage between the attacks. EDIT: Just to clarify, I also think a muslim registry is a stupid idea.
  18. Forget nazis and their ideological fumbling; let the market decide what the REAL master race is.
  19. Which one? The piece suggests the bill has been influenced by the wellness industry who, unlike employers, get unrestricted access to your test results, name and all. They also sell the data to third parties, which then profile you for targeted advertising. The most direct benefit to your employer is the ability to penalize you financially if for whatever reason you opt out. Indirect benefits would include less risk in hiring and promoting people with genetic predisposition to disease (for example, depression) which may lead to decreased productivity. Win-win for all involved... except you. Unless of course I have excellent genes in which case this is just weeding out competition.
  20. Why would they take the risk of promoting/hiring someone that has high risks of cancer/genetic disease or other such things that could be a problem to him in the workplace? Because their qualifications may still warrant hiring them.
  21. He was pro-TPP; Trump timeline is best timeline.
  22. 2017 will finish what 2016 started...
  23. Such an epic name. I'm still not over it.
  24. Holy crap, Germany is good with money.
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